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What if Things Went Different in the Lion King Saga?

What if Things Went Different in the Lion King Saga?

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This interactive will be rated for Readers 13 Years and Older Only for mentions of subjects that are ideologically sensitive.

In this interactive, Events go differently in the Lion King, or the Lion King 2, depending on where you want to start in the saga. And before you ask, The Lion Guard will not be tied into this, so no roar of the elders and forming the Lion Guard. You can have Kion included, but not for Lion Guard purposes. This can range to anything, from Sarafina mothering Simba instead of Sarabi, to Nala and Simba adopting Kovu when they first encounter him.

I also do want to keep this story going, so keep the options open in this interactive for others to branch their idea from yours. If I see only a one way continuation I will add another chapter selection the first time, but if I see it repeated by the same user, I will delete the chapter, and then I will block that user from the story. Also if you make an end chapter that trolls the creativity of everyone elses add-ons to the story, like saying, "And then an asteroid hit the Pridelands, and everyone died. The End.", I will delete the chapter, and I will block said user.

Now, moving onto,
Things that "Are" allowed:
1. Breastfeeding/Nursing (Whichever you prefer to call it.) This can not be described in a sexual manner.
2. Pregnancy. Yes, lionesses can be pregnant in this story, but do not describe birth or anything that is sensitive on that subject. And do not have the pregnant lionesses in a sexual scene.
3. Humans turned Lions or Lion Cubs. I ask not to throw a bundle of OC's into the chapter, but one or two are fine..
4. Mentions of eating prey, but don't go into heavy detail. And don't mention them swallowing live prey, that's vore territory.
5. Straight couples. I'll allow more than one male lion to be in the story. But don't go overboard.

Things That Are "Not" Allowed:

1. Vore of any sort. No loopholes.
2. Sex scenes. Need to keep this PG13.
3. Death of protagonists. (Killing off villains, including an evil version of the protagonist is acceptable, just don't go into detail.)
4. No switching to a particular P.O.V. of one of the characters. This will stay in Third Person P.O.V.
5. Gay Male Couples. (I'll allow Lesbian couples, since a pride is made up of mostly lionesses.
6. No Gender Swaps of the characters through any means. They stay their original genders, that's the one thing that won't be changed for this Alternate Universe interactive.
7. No Gore or Violence. Again, I will allow the mention of the pride eating meat for one of their meals, but no heavy details or mentions of what animal they are eating.
8. No cursing.
9. No death through illness.
10. No Incest. (And don't give me the whole "Simba and Nala are siblings" arguement. Lion Guard already disproved that.)
11. No crossovers of other movies/TV series. (Timon and Pumba is with in the Lion King universe, but the Lion Guard is it's own universe that branched off.)
12. No accelerated Age Progression. All animals will age at a natural human aging pace, meaning they will age as fast as humans.

Be aware, these rules may be subject to change. If any of rules I listed above for what cannot happen in the interactive are broken, I will delete the chapter. Repeat attempts at a deleted chapter will result in a block from my content. If you are unsure about a chapter you want to post, email me on site, and I'll let you know if I'm okay with you posting it. Do not email with a request to be able to have exemption from the rules. Rules are rules, and I will not make exceptions to them.

I hope you enjoy the interactive, have fun.
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