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Prom night at the beach and Joe finds some Jumbo gro

Prom night at the beach and Joe finds some Jumbo gro

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Prom night was upon us. After many months of planning and preparing Joe was about to be at the high point of high school life. Shore house ready it was an old duplex rented to him
By an old man. It was run down and looked like it hadn’t been lived in for many years. But hey it was on the beach so who could complain. Joe and his close group of friends were 1month away from that long awaited night when it happened. It being mono. Not just your average run of the mill where you become run down and makes you weak mono this virus also caused in some cases loss of height as well. That weekend joe and his friends had partied it up. As Monday rolled around the school seemed a little light. The virus affected a good portion of Joes senior class. Joes prom date Kelly being one of them. Kelly was a short blonde about 5 foot tall with no chest to speak of but what Kelly lacked in the front she had in spades in the back. Her Ass had its own orbit. Very often she wondered how she could have such little breasts and this giant mass of fat in the back. Sure it made her more attractive but Kelly was super shy and nervous around guys. Always thinking they only wanted her for that one juicy thing. Joe was different though he was sweet never over aggressive and above all else he saw her for more then Just a giant jiggly backside. As that Monday wore on Joe got the text from Kelly she would be out a while with the virus. His best friend Lauren sat there next to him and offered to attend prom with him. Secretly Lauren always had it in for joe. There was one problem with Lauren. Since she had lost a lot of weight her once big DDs had shrank and turned into flap jacks. Joe new this and it was never his thing. He liked her more with the meat then without but he could never tell her this. After all she had gotten in better shape to go after him in the first place.

One month and a few days later. Thursday night. One day till prom. Kelly is cleared to go to prom as are a few of her other friends who had been sick. She texts Joe who tells her unfortunatly he cannot back out on Lauren now but to come down to the shore house and we can enjoy a weekend At the beach. Kelly couldn’t be happier her dress would not fit as it is anymore so this just made her life more convient. Plus she was not interested in the dance just Joe. Prom was fun joe and Lauren danced the night away. On the way down the house Lauren began toDrink until she told joe everything. About how she had gotten in shape how Kelly had told her about Joe’s ideal women. How she planned to get in even better shape. Joe smiled but told Lauren the truth hard as it was she was not his type he preferred women a little bit thicker and that her boobs deflating was the exact opposite of what he would have preferred. He told her how he loved Kelly and her juicy backside and that mabey if Lauren had been a little thicker he might feel different. This Brooke heart. She had only gone on that crazy diet in the first place to try and win him over. Kelly had played her and played her well. She sat there sad and depressed looking down at her sad pancakes which once had been full melons. If only there was a way she thought. Joe on the other hand had his mind made up. There was a 5 foot girl with an ass like two halves of a basketball waiting for him and tonight was all about playing some ball.

As they pulled up, the house was dark joe saw Kelly’s car along with their good friends Jenny and Elia. No one else had made it down between the losing height thing going around ppl were a little worried about catching mono still. As they walked in the house no one seemed to be around. A note on the kitchen table said Elia and Jenny were too drunk to function and Kelly was getting showered and wanted joe to wait till midnight to come upstairs. Joe peered out the back window to the pool. There Elia laid on a raft her firm small ass sticking up. Joe always had a thing for Elia. She might not have had any ass but man did she have some giant tits. As he watched she rolled over onto her back. Her giant boobs clad in a tight blue Bikini slid over and onto the center of her chest. As joe watched Elia Lauren watched joe. It hurt her even more to see him stare. Then it hit her Elia was smaller. In fact much smaller then before. As it turned out the bug had hit her hard joe was not staring because he was attracted he was staring In shock. “Wow she lost a lot up top” Joe said Lauren took advantage of the moment and grabbed them each a drink seeing as it was only 10:30. “ I didn’t loose that much as she puffed out her chest nipples hardening against the tight red sports bra.” Joe was transfixed for a minute but only a minute knowing that those boobs would sag the second that bra came off brought him back to reality. They sat and began to drink. Joe thinking about the virus and how it could have ruined such a perfect body Elia once had. 11:40 Jenny’s bedroom door opens. Now Jenny had been tall long legged with a small chest but also a fat ass. As she bent over to get a beer from the fridge it was apparent she too had lost a fair bit of weight. Her once fat ass had simply gone away. Her thong hung loose now where once it had been stretched taught across her ample cheeks. Joe again looked over at Lauren who if possible had stuck her chest out even further. Proud she had avoided the virus. Jenny sat down with Joe and Lauren talked until it was time for joe to head up stairs. LAuren gave joe one last look and followed him into the hallway. She was very intoxicated by this point and made her last stand.l Showing him all the breast she could. She opted to take her bra off and out they came. A pair of under inflated tits. Capped with large half dollar sized areola and a set of tiny nipples. He smirked and walked to the stairs. “If only you had kept them puppies well fed” he said as he gave them one more hard look and walked up the stairs. Lauren began to cry and headed to her room.

As joe entered the room he heard a familiar voice. There in the corner of the room behind the window curtain sat Kelly. “Put the blindfold on” she said. “ I like this are we playing a game” “ yes she said I want to surprise you seeing as we haven’t seen each other in a month.” As Joe now sat blindfolded on the bed he felt his pants begin to be stripped off. This night was special for her as well Kelly was not about to go to college a virgin and joe was going to be her first at all costs. She had waited a month to see him knowing all the while Lauren was with him everyday. She only hoped Lauren hadn’t figured out what Joe likes yet. Similar to Kelly Joe new he had to have Kelly tonight he had been dreaming about that big bubble butt just sitting in bed for a month straight. Sure she was sick but she told Joe everyday about the weight gain formula they were keeping her own to help with the mono. All joe thought about was that ass bigger then ever and how he wanted to fuck it. Weather it was the alcohol Lauren had been force feeding him downstairs or the long day something about Kelly’s touch felt lighter gentler then usual. They had only ever made out and joe had seen her top less by mistake nothing really special behind that’s bikini but there was a little boob. As his pants came off Kelly was greeted by the sight of a very impressive thick 8inch cock that sprang forward and demanded attention. Joe feeling the full affects of the alcohol was tired of waiting for Kelly and slid down the blindfold just a bit. What he saw nearly caused him to loose his erection completely. There facing away from him stood Kelly but not the Kelly he knew. This looked to be the 14 year old version of Kelly. Her giant ass reduced to a mere flat surface her thick full thunder thighs like two pieces of straw. Even in her black yoga shorts there was no real curve to her ass. As she turned joe thought how could her chest have gotten even smaller. Well it did. Little nipples hard as rocks pointed out of he black tube top and that was it. Sure Elia had shrunk but she had boob to loose Kelly looked like boy other then her beautiful blue eyes radiant smile and long blonde ponytail. “I’ve been so sick” Kelly said Joe stood up and got the biggest shock of the night Kelly had shrunk about 4 foot tall. “I only weigh 75 pounds I’m sorry as tears began to fill her eyes joe could not believe this. He had waited two months to lay with this girl only to have her stripped away and replaced with a 12 year old looking Kelly, she was 18 but looked 12. Hell he thought Mabey he should go back down to Lauren after all. Kelly sat on the bed next to joe. He got up and went to the bathroom. He banged his head on the wall again and again. As he did He heard a weird glass clink noise from above and the sound of a bottle rolling across the floor above him. He slid back the nasty ceiling tile while balancing on the toilet and out fell a bottle. Barley catching it in time joe grabbed it And ran it under the sink.l to clean of the dust. “Jumbo Gro” read the label with a picture of a sick plant and and overly healthy plant next to it. He read the expiration date July 72. Joe chuckled they sold anything back in the day. Joe sat there bottle in hand and started laughing. The irony he passed up a heathy horny Lauren for a shrimp like jelly was a joke. And here he was looking at a sick plant and a fat plant. Weather it was the booze or the hormones joe had an idea. He was tired of not winning tonight and one way or another he was going to get what he wanted.
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