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Chapter #2

High School Hike Club

    by: HikerAngel
Mr. Matthews walked into the library and surveyed the room. There were six students that showed for his inaugural Hike Club meeting. He looked down at the stack of liability forms in his hand. Seeing that the principal had emphasized no less than seven times after grudgingly giving the okay to starting the extracurricular club two weeks ago, the teacher supposed he should get them out of the way before he forgot.

“Okay, everybody. Please start by filling this in…” said Mr. Matthews, passing out the forms.

As the students began to scribble in the blanks, he surveyed the room. Five juniors and a senior. Rachel, one of the juniors, was one of the more talented athletes in the school. She had made the varsity soccer team in her freshman year and was talented enough to have a realistic shot at an athletic scholarship to college. Mr. Matthews hadn’t had her in class, but he had heard good things about her can-do attitude and ability to push herself from Mr. Len, the coach of the girl’s soccer team.

Trin, at the next table scribbling away at her form, was a quiet, hardworking student. She was a year ahead in most of her classes and had ambitions to go to medical school. Mr. Matthews wasn’t sure if that was more her ambition or that of her Korean parents. Though he had her in class this semester, she was shy and difficult to get to know.

At the next table, sat Brent and his girlfriend, Alexandra. Brent was a receiver on the football team. He wasn’t the greatest student, but he got by. He was, however, good enough to have signed a letter of intent to play football at Washington State University. His girlfriend, Alexandra, was gorgeous. Her lithe body had really begun to blossom over the past year. She was already the most beautiful girl at the school, and Mr. Matthews wouldn’t be surprised if she became a model or actress once she graduated.

Megan and Walt were at the table to the far right. Megan was a curious girl that liked to participate in renaissance fairs and live action roleplaying. Mr. Matthews was fairly certain that she was in the band, though he couldn’t remember what she played. Walt was a really smart kid that Mr. Matthews had enjoyed having in class. Reserved, he was into video games and books.

All of them, it seemed, were into hiking. Rachel, however, was the reason that he had started the club. Since he didn’t have her in class, he needed another way to make contact. His premonition had told him that she was the one. Mr. Matthews had overheard Walt talking about her love of hiking and the outdoors, so… Hike Club it was.

After discussion of everyone’s experience level and comfort level, Mr. Matthews announced “Our first hike will be Mt. Si in North Bend.

Rachel, Brent, and Walt looked excited. Trin, Alexandra, and Megan looked a little unsure. It was an ambitious hike, but Mr. Matthews had his reasons for choosing it.
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