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Trying to catch Santa in the "act."
Fill in the blank next to each word request then click the button below...
Boy, or Girl?:
Past-tense verb:
Type of container:
Article of clothing:
A substance:
Plural body part:
Piece of clothing:
Something that can be stretched:
Piece of furniture:
Verb, Past-tense:
Number between 1-12:
Sound effect, all capitalized:
Extremely nerdy man’s name:
A medical condition:
Bodily function, past tense:
Symptom of above mentioned disease, ending in ing:
An animal:
Area of a house:
Different number between 1-12:
Creepy sound effect:
Body part:
Adjective ending in ly:
Loud sound effect, all caps:
Type of floor covering:
Household pest, plural:
Food item:
An exclamation:
Bodily fluid:
Any type of fluid:
An unusual color:
Noun, plural:
Something heavy, plural:
Something smelly:
Any substance:
One syllable exclamation, no exclamation point:
First and last name of someone you dislike:
He or she, according to the blank above:
Yet another sound effect:
Animal, plural:
Bodily function, ending in ing:
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