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Do {i}, {/b}, {e:left} mean anything to you or are these senseless gibberish?
Poll Question:
Are you a "Pure Genius" at WritingML that your email in-box is brimming with question after question from fellow WDC users regarding its use? Or are you being a "Dunce" about it, and can't even italicize if your prose depended on it?

Well, inquiring minds want to know, so please take the time fill out this poll.

For additional assistance on WritingML , choose Author Tools from your Site Navigation bar, then select WritingML Help. (A pop-up window will open that provides a bounty of information.)

For a humorous take on WritingML , please read the item below:

A Warning about WritingML Tags  (E)
My gripe, today, is a warning! WritingML tags can be dangerous!
#310718 by Red Writing Hood <3

Thank you for participating in this poll, and may the WritingML gods smile down on you. *Bigsmile*
Poll Options:
      "Pure Genius" - I can do WritingML with my eyes closed
      "Proficient" - I use it very well and only if I need to
      "Average" - I use it well enough but could learn more
      "Junkie" - I use it even if my piece doesn't need it
      "Indifferent" - I don't need WritingML
      "Dunce" - What is WritingML?
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