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by spidey
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a simple question about the keys on your computer's keyboard.
Poll Question:
Take a look at the keys on your keyboard.

for my poll

How do they look? Are the letters/symbols worn off at all? Or are they just as bold as when you bought the computer?

The reason for my question is that I've gone through two keyboards in about three years, and in speaking to other computer geeks experts, I've found that it seems like no one else has this problem. I'm wondering if I'm just a heavy-typer. *Laugh*

So please choose the option that most fits the condition of the printed letters on the keys of your keyboard.
Poll Options:
      My keys look perfect.
      Just a few of the letters are faded.
      More than five of the letters are faded.
      At least three are worn completely off.
      I can't see any of them!
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