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A poll to see if people feel comfortable reviewing Moderators+.
Poll Question:
Having been on Writing.com for a little over a year, I have noticed that some activities encourage reviews for "all case colors" but that a fair number of people seem more cautious about reviewing items for those of "higher" case colors.

So, here's the question. Do you review items written by Moderators (blue cases), Senior Moderators (purple cases) and Staff (red cases)?
Poll Options:
      Yes, I review all case colors
      Yes, but only when a review group or activity suggests it
      Yes, but only when I know the person/am in group together
      Maybe, I've never noticed case colors before
      No, I assume they know more than I do about writing
      No, I am afraid of stepping on toes
      No, I assume they are well connected and get lots of reviews already
      No, I don't review any case colors
      I had toast for breakfast
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