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Where do you do your best writing?
Poll Question:

As I sit and write in different places around my apartment, I can't help but ponder...

What do other WDC writers do?

*Pencil*    *Pencil*    *Pencil*    *Pencil*    *Pencil*    *Pencil*

Where is the most popular spot for WDC writers to practice their craft?

Take the poll and let's find out!

Poll Options:
      I lounge, spreading out on the bed or floor to write.
      Cozy and curled on the couch or recliner like a cat or dog.
      At my desk always.
      Need a table with space so I can have my coffee nearby.
      Out in Nature whenever possible or at least by a window.
      In whatever place is clean and cleared enough for me to write.
      Prefer to be in a cyber cafe with headphones on.
      I am stranger than most and my location for writing is not listed.
      I am mobile and flexible. I can write anywhere. I am that good.
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