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Can you enjoy stories outside of your preferred species?
Poll Question:
I want to know if I'm ruining my stories for some people. I'm aware that I write a lot of deer, and I know that isn't everyone's favorite. The reason I don't write the preferred species at this time is, well, I write what I like. I have nothing against it, just not writing about it at this time. Dragons are intriguing for me, and I am thinking. Horses? Of course! I want to write, but I've used many of my good ideas already, and I'm trying my best to not repeat myself constantly. Most of the time, I think of what I want to write, but can't get the first part figured out. Or the last part. Sorry about that, just...eh, being a writer lol.

So, enough rambling, are my stories enjoyable, even if the species being used isn't your thing?

Feel free to message me if:

-You answer anything other than Yes
-You answer Yes, but want to comment anyhow
-Any reason really
Poll Options:
      For The Most Part, Yes
      For The Least Part, Yes
      Other. (If you choose this one, message me. I am not a mind reader.)
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