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Little-known characters in the Bible tell their stories.
This began after I volunteered my writing services for an Easter church play titled "Out of the Shadows." I wrote three of them for the play:

"The Adulterer," "The Teacher," and "In with the Crowd."

As for the rest, I do on my own, both for the fun of it, and as a way to learn more about the Bible and the people who lived during those times.

I may get specifics wrong since I'm not a scholar or historian, but I do my best to keep it true to the Bible.

I welcome your suggestions and comments.
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    From the perspective of a Roman Centurion at Jesus' crucifixion.
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    Giving in to popular opinion has its price.
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    Not everyone appreciated the boy questioning the teachers while inside the Temple.
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    What happened in the furnace changed many lives that day . . . even his own.
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    Why was only the woman caught in adultery accused?
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