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by KimChi
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Individual dishes that each have their own story.
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These are not the traditional stories that end happily ever after--they are kicked-up versions of folk classics. Once upon a time, the gingerbread man was tasty enough, but my Granny taught me to cook, and she always had a bottle of sherry in her hand...

If you're looking for something sweet and light, you might want to nibble on "Highways or "Invalid Item

If you want to dig your fork into a heavy, filling casserole, stuffed full of meat, consider "Invalid Item or "Invalid Item

Partial to a combination of sweet and sour? Me too! "Invalid Item and "Invalid Item seem to be palate pleasers.

If none of these tickle your taste buds, check out "Chef's Specialties You never know when I'll serve up the next piping-hot creation!

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    The road you are on may circle back, when you tinker with an old family recipe.
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    A dry champagne with fruity woodnootes; time to pop the cork on this Vintage 66.
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