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The place for my erotic shorts staring Harry and Naomi, two high school lovers.
Stories of Passion

The Passion's Amaranth and Other Erotic Stories
A short story series written by: Steven Michael Jester

          My place for erotic short stories. They star two reoccuring characters, though they may not be the only two in the story.

         Naomi Johnson -- despite haveing the same name, mannerisms and general appearence as my main character for my novel "Tale of a Fated Winter's Day: Gisei, this is not the same character. The Naomi here is most notably straight whereas (this isn't much of a spoiler if you've been paying attention) the Naomi in my novel is bi. There are other subtle differences. She's a bookworm, shy and a loner most of the time. An English Major.

         Harry Michaels -- Pony tail, a lean swimmer, captian of the swim team.

An now, without further adeu, the stories:
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    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #1302057
    Two lovers entwined in a never-fading passion.
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #1303662
    Naomi meets Harry for the first time and falls under his spell.
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