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Memoirs and Autobiographical Writing
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A piece of autobiographical writing is an author's self portrait. One writes about a memory expounded in the present; it is depicted truthfully as it happened, but told through the filter of emotional clarity that may or may not have been available in the past. When I first attempted this genre of writing during a workshop with MetaphorSquared , (assignments and notes from that workshop are found in the folder 'Thumbnail Sketches'), I was taken by surprise at my unease. It turns out it is very hard for me to tell the truth! I fought the constant urge to embellish the past, twist the facts and spit shine my otherwise dull recollections. I was also reminded of the nagging fear I had as a young girl writing my secrets in a diary, worried that someone would read my truth. I realized I am much more comfortable standing naked behind the protective wall of fiction, than standing naked in the open hall of non-fiction.

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