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Welcome to my world...

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Welcome to my garden where all the pretty flowers grow.

You can find everything you seek from this path.

Visit the garden of poetry in "Whims of a Poet

Here, you will find uplifting poetry in the "Upper Level (aka Upside) of the garden...

Or, you could go to the "Lower Level (aka Downside) for a more haunting turn of phrase...

Visit the "Observation Deck for all manner of scenery. You'll never know what you'll find here!

Tired of walking around? Have a seat and enjoy everything that is "Nature-esk.

Don't forget to stop and climb on "The Rhyme Tree. Some of the fruits are a little irregular but they are as sweet as the rest.

Visit the "Courtyard aka Everything else for, well, everything else. *Bigsmile*

Join in the "Fun & Games, play "Invalid Item, listen to the raconteur go on and on in "Invalid Item, and be sure to let me know "Invalid Item.

"The Storyteller will be arriving any moment. She'll be telling stories out on the balcony. Find a treat and grab a seat. The show starts whenever you're ready.

*Gift3*Oh, and be sure to check out the gift shop before you leave! "Invalid Item *Gift3*

*Flower1*   *Flower2*   *Flower3*   *Flower4*   *Flower5*   *Flower6*

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