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My writing has taken a turn. I have a diagnosis, but also an aspect that focuses me
What if the next thought you had might be your last? What would you think about? Where would your feelings dwell? Read my autobiographical essay Thoughts While Losing my M ind
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    A celebration not just of Halloween, but life in general.
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    Finding gold in dark and hard times. Prompt of the Philosopher's llife. Contest Entry
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    They come out in the full moon. Is there another view?
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    Nothing planted equals nothing harvested. You are what you plant.
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    The tide of devoted things changes and stays the same.
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    Why doesn't life have a manual? There has to be easier ways.
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    God knew what he was doing when he created you. You are His poem.
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    How does Liberty work? What clues are there from history and general observation?
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    History says it quite clearly. Spiritual formation mandates it; it is time to wake up.
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    How do we know whether we have a good idea? Look at the lessons of history
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    A study of junk, in our closets and in our lives
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    Excepts from the Chilean mining disaster with applications to suburbia
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    Why read the bible? It is for everyone.
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    Communication is a life long experience
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    Movies can teach us as the good ones are human
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    What focuses thought? An autobiographical essay
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    How does our speedy instant culture deal with old grist mill-like problems?
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    Mayan culture was a culture of blood. Do we put metaphorical blood into the wrong things?
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    We all sing a song. Is it a song of hope?
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