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An 8 part series documenting my ordeal with throat cancer
"I Have Cancer? " Is my personal account from start to finish , so to speak; of dealing with throat cancer. It is at times very frank and I hope those who read this will get a sense of what it is like for someone to go through all the process of treatment and what goes through your mind during that time.

It seemed to me back on that Wednesday afternoon back in July that this could not be happening to me. You never think it will happen to you, but to the other guy. As a man you have this outlook that you are invincible as I did, because I was in great shape at age 40; perhaps better then I was at age 20. I had always been active and an outdoors type. This could never happen to me.

Over the 7-8 months my life changed considerable and the person I once was would change forever as well as the way I looked at time and health. No more would I look at life with blinders and think that it would never happen. It did.

Anyone wishing to write me feel free anytime to contact me. In fact if you want or need some encouragement, I will be glad to give you my personal phone number and talk with you if you are scared or feel like you want to talk with someone who went through it. E mail me and let me know OK? Thanks S A Gibbins
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