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A cycle of short stories driven by purple patches of conversation.
Introduction (by Emily Morisette)

This entire cycle of stories is the extension of a casual remark made at breakfast one day. I (Emily) had spent the night at my dear friends' house (John and Jeff's), and Jeff and I were having a normal BS-session over coffee in the morning. I was talking about an unfortunate furniture incident involving my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Winston, and I said: "Well, we got rid of the couch that Winston ate..." Jeff immediately interjected that "The Couch that Winston Ate" would be a cool title for a short story. I laughed heartily and agreed with him. He then told me that his original strange short story title was "Adam West Called Me a Son of a Bitch." Thus, a list of hilarious short story titles was born.

The list expanded. My more creative friends got in on the idea, and we came up with a rather long list.

Enter Cousin Jeff. (I know too many Jeffs... about 6 at my last count...) Cousin Jeff was enthralled by the title list, and his amazing gift for writing reared its ugly head by becoming a short story from one of the titles. And it continued. Cousin Jeff kept writing. Stories came out. Some are hilarious, some are poignant, some are entirely irreverent, some are just plain... thought-provoking. I have reserved several titles for myself, and Original Jeff (oddly enough named Jeff Dunham, and insanely more funny than the ventriloquist) has reserve for "Adam West Called Me a Son of a Bitch." So it is a collaborative effort. Here we are publishing several stories for the world to read, because they are too amazing to keep private. Please enjoy, share, show the world. But, as always, please be sure to give credit where it is due.

(Oh yeah: Adam West really did call Jeff Dunham a son of a bitch!)
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