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The phenomenon of children killing children. An investigation. An attempt to understand.
Anatomy Of A Massacre

It is impossible to explain why someone kills. You can never really define what you do not perceive. And you can never comprehend that which you do not experience. You can attempt empathy with these lost souls but you must be aware that it is a dangerous game you play. They live in a realm where all realities are fragile and fleeting. There are as many as the leaves that rustle through the forest from a soft summer breeze. You may take something away from the experience, or you may lose a piece of yourself along the way. You may gain insight into the darkness where they reside, or you may find a piece of the darkness that is familiar, and comfortable, and disturbing. You may realize that there is a small piece of the killer in all of us. And you will have to live with that knowledge. Forever.

Death has no mercy. And madness is well acquainted with death.

This is a series that has to do with the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida. Just another day for most, but certainly not for all. A number of individuals with nothing but life inside died that day, and one particular child, with nothing but death inside, remains with us. I have no idea if we will ever learn something from this damaged soul, but we need to understand what we can from what we have seen so far, if we are ever to confront and resolve this terrible affliction that comes from we know not where.

There is no clear answer to our problem, nor may there ever really be one. Killing and death is something that has been with us from the very beginning. Whether it was Cain and Able or Og and Ug, it matters not. We were once animals, and in many ways remain so. We sometimes kill for reason, but usually because of the lack thereof.

There is no doubt about it. These articles, these musings, are long and hard. There are many words and for some it will be somewhat dry. But this challenge will never find resolution if we do not consider all the possibilities. There will be no answers if we do not have a Conversation of substance, if we do not Contemplate what we learn, and Comprehend what ultimately will need to be done.

We are far indeed from the light at the end of the tunnel. We will not fix our problems with protests. They add nothing to the Conversation. They do nothing to further the dialogue necessary. We do not need one-liners. They do nothing to aid our process of Contemplation. They do nothing but stroke egos and agendas. And we certainly do not need the hate, that only thwarts our efforts at the Comprehension that will be integral to moving forward.

Hate is the biggest obstacle. Always has been. Always will be. Animals kill to survive. If you’ve been paying attention, you will know that we are the only animal that hates.

We can and should do better.

Something to think about.
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