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by K8
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We all have that corner in the world. This is me sharing mine.
Tax season is here. This will be my first time ever, using my writing in my taxes as a business. K8s' Korner is the business name. But my books are what I am selling. Along with crystals, stones, other mediation items. I have an idea of what I need to gather up. Just I am a little worried on the amount of receipt's I kept since I have always thrown them away.
But so far it is doing very well. No I don't have a bunch of people ripping my door down. That is not what I want. My idea is to build my relationship with my customers. Got to know what they like and need for themselves and their life style. Monica and I carry what we like but also what others are looking for.

As a writer I use them in my every day writing rituals as well. Blue Lace Agate is one of my most favorite crystal. The funny thing about this love for it, is it happened long before I began writing and long before I even knew what its pull meant.

BACK STORY: My grandparents on my fathers side use to make jewelry from crystals and stones. Lovely pieces they would make and take them to the local farmers markets. Grandpa Bill did most of this, grandma helped with designing the looks of lovely ideas. When they passed away the jewelry and crystals were divided up amongst the grandchildren. I did get a few items but, now I think back I wish I had more to give to my daughter. Amongst the stones, crystals and jewelry items. Blue Lace Agate is what I was drawn too.

BACK STORY NUMBER 2: When my mom was a little girl she was gifted a china doll. Then when I was about eight or Nine yes old my mom gave the doll to me. She was neglected little thing, with no hair and no proper dress. Holding her when I was little I remember thinking she need something. Something to pull her together. On her glass head was glued a few scrawls of curls. In my small creative mind. Seeing her like this was not a option. Even the fact that the doll had a single tear on her glass check, under her small light blue painted blue eyes. This would just not do.

All together with this sad little glass doll and the stones and crystals that were left and given to my parents after my grandpa passed away. In the box were so many treasure's! My little hands held on to her knowing she needed a change. So I glued red yawn onto her glass balding head. Through my mothers old scrap cloth I made her a white dress with blue lace and light blue yarn. My glue gun was plugged in, ready to add one more treasure. A Lonnie sized blue lace agate, shaped and polished. I added this to the middle of her waist on her dress. Yes, she was just right now.
As time went on and I grew up. Moving from place to place. I did bring her with me to each home I moved too. My love for crystal grew fonder and tender. On my desk at home I have one large crystal, along with smaller ones scattered along my dresses. Now I learnt that all this time it was blue lace I was so attracted too. On her dress and the now on my dressier and every where else I can have or carry it.
Blue Lace Agate properties- this crystal is all about communication, making your voice heard. Through voice or written word.
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