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My BlackAdder's Cantina short stories. Hope you enjoy them as much as I like writing them.

     Gallanta Bavan used to be a smuggler, pirate, thief, etc. She has been almost everything bad there can be in the almost thousand years of her life. Maybe even a few bad that we don’t know about. Now she is using her special skills to protect the space station where BlackAdder's Cantina is at. These are her stories.

     BlackAdder may be considered an Earth-only name. But it isn’t. There are a lot of planets, both human and not, that use this name in one way or another. Just because I use this name in my writing doesn’t mean that I’m writing an Earth or Earth human story. Because I’m not. There are plenty of Earthlings who write about Earth and the colonies, space stations, spaceships, etc. I am not one of them.

     The same is true about Earth terms like smuggling, piracy, thievery, etc. Just because I use them in these stories doesn’t mean that I’m writing about Earth in any way. Because I’m not. I write the truth about the universe. Sometimes that means comprising my writing. But what I write is still the truth. That includes the stories that you are about to read or hear.
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