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An investigation of the actual concepts that illustrate the fundamentals of Objectivism.
It is so much more challenging to criticize something that you understand deeply. Reason requires information to form opinions and conclusions. Nothing is easier than demeaning something that is incomprehensible and scary and intimidating. We are here to explore the area in-between that comprehension and what we can only characterize as ignorance.

If you are here to demonize, to vilify, and to hate, you might find it easier to look elsewhere for your enjoyment. I am here for a conversation only, to make an attempt to discern the differences between fact and fiction. We may disagree on many things, and yet hope that we can share perspectives and insights and discuss as open-minded adults that wish to learn and to grow. I passionately believe that mankind was meant to do this, and have been frustrated and intimately confused that they have done so little over the millennia.

I have been deeply disappointed in what I have experienced over my 69 years of life. I was an optimistic and enthusiastic young man that has failed to see the potential of our species exhibit itself as so prurient and irrelevant. A sad thing to think that a young man had to endure such a failure of expectation. Objectivism could have been a light in the darkness but as a species we seem to embrace hatred much more than reason and true compassion and empathy. The final chapter has not yet been written. That will only happen through the efforts of future generations. I can only hope that they will one day come to the realization that they have squandered so many years, and so many lives. So much unnecessary pain and suffering, so much irrational behaviour, so much self-destruction.

I believe that at one time there was a vision that man could become the very god he created in his own image and likeness, and yet he continually seems to reject his own individuality and independence, while he incomprehensibly and comprehensively strives to be a slave. I find this to be so sad and intrinsically disappointing.

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