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Autobiographical encounters.
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In a land called the U-S-of-A,
There lived a girl named Melissa.
She always had a lot to say.

Her childhood wasn't very pleasant,
But of it she made the best.
It helped to make her stronger,
To prepare her for the rest.

Her story is yet to be finished,
She still has much to do.
But she will share it all,
Right here, happily, with you!


What you'll find in this folder:

"Pondering, among other things... ASR: Things that have been on my mind for some time that I never had the courage to voice.
The second item that I posted on Writing.com.
It's of a very personal nature and one I often ponder deleting.
Last modified: 8/2/04

"My father, the bully 18+: Why it is that I don't respect my father: a follow-up to 'Pondering'
Written as a follow-up to "Pondering, among other things... [ASR].
Only available to Registered Authors and up.
Last modified: 8/12/04

"Invalid Item :
Reflections of fandom after a Saturday game.
Recalling the disappointment after a loss.
Last updated: 11/3/02

"Invalid Item :
Written for "The Writer's Cramp [13+] and entered into a JellyBean contest. It won both.
Memories of Thanksgiving from days long past.
Last updated: 12/1/02

"Invalid Item :
Retelling of a bad decision.
Memories of being a teenager.
Last updateD: 2/4/03

"Invalid Item :
A humerous encounter in high school.
Trying to fit in can be hard when you sabotage yourself.
Last updated: 4/28/03

"Invalid Item :
Originally a journal entry, turned static.
You thought my hair troubles ended in high school?
Last updated? 6/10/03

"Invalid Item :
Written on a dare.
If you push enough of my buttons, you might push the wrong one.
Last updated: 6/13/03

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