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by Zaring
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I decided to keep track of the new laws...all of them if I can....
Well, what can I say? I am not typically the political type...pretty much just go with the flow, try to be a law abiding citizen, helping who I can, when I can...

But, when I wrote and posted "Signs" I got a call the very next day from my best friend saying, Gina, you know how I read the Dallas Morning News Sunday edition front to back every weekend? I said yes of course... (Gaye always reads the Sunday edition front to back), anyway, they had passed a new law...

I decided it was time to start a folder keeping track of freedoms stripped away...A journal for this topic, if you will...I am going to merely date and state the laws and freedoms as I know them, as they come and as they go.
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    This Act may be cited as the Move Over Act. But right now, it is merely S.B. No. 193
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    New Law in Texas 9-21-03
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    My editorial opinion on the laws. There are just TOO many signs!
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