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All 6 books. Includes my newest: 15 minutes of fame - A mix of work for Authors Spotlight.
HELLO! *Smile*

Come in and open one of my books. The most recent one is a mix of work for Authors Spotlight and simply enjoyable: "Fifteen minutes of fame. *Cool* You will find a blog here that has me rambling about all things under the sun ("Ramblings and Musings). If it's adventure you're looking for, go to ""The Great Downpour". If, however, it's a social drama that you fancy, open ""The Price of Friendship". I warn you, though, that this novel is incomplete *Exclaim* I plan on finishing it in "Invalid Item. There is also an autobiography of a waitress from a traditional Muslim house (see "A Happy Ending). The last one, ("Some Writing Work and Work in Progress) is small bits of writing for contests and other events on Writing.com. *Star*

I wrote "The Great Downpour" for the July 2003 NoWriMo. I wrote over 50000 words in one month!


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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/922092-Voluminataher