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Folder for images, as I create and collect some of my own. Also article photos.
This folder holds all sorts of images for all sorts of ideas to write about. It also has sigs, things about me, and my Glamour shot. Also included are photos and graphs and maps and such that go with articles here at Writing.com, all slipped into this folder for safe keeping.

Comments welcome. If you know a solution for a problem you see, please teach me.
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    Link to my Facebook page
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    Sigs for use at WDC. Some I won in contests or raffles. Some were gifts.
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    Folders for images of books and movies I've reviewed.
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    Images associated with the article on disappearing US honeybees
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    pics of folks
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    . . . my bouquet of sunflowers. . . .
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    My two dogs, four cats, and the neighborhood birds....
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