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Summary of this Digital Ebook Purchas...
This is a very short book, but it has good advice in a nutshell. It also comes with warnings.

I didn’t find anything new in it that I didn’t know or suspected, but I can see how it may help a writer who is trying to make his or her way in the industry. For that reason, this is probably the first book to read for any writer who is starting out.

One of the basic warnings during the act of writing a book is about knowing and sensing what to write right away and what to take one’s time to think about. As the author warns, valuable work is not easy to come up with.

Writing a book, finishing it, and offering it for publication is a lot of work and headache. Some of the areas that are touched on are legalities, editing, finding or creating a viable cover for the book, promoting the work on social media, marketing and reviewing. What is overrated and underrated might be a good chapter to focus on.

Fake news or not, what influencers are capable of is another thing to know about. The author gives much importance to readers' reviews and says she gives many reviews herself.

I borrowed this book to read and I am glad I did. It is always refreshing to read different authors’ views on writing and the subject of publishing.

This type of Digital Ebook Purchas is good for...
learning about promotion, advertising, and publishing do's and don'ts, but it doesn't have much about the art of writing.
I especially liked...
the goodwill of the author
I didn't like...
the fact that she might have thought her way is the only way...if that was what she felt.
The n/a of this Digital Ebook Purchas...
is Gisela Hausmann who has several short books like this one on the writing and publishing arts.
I recommend this Digital Ebook Purchas because...
It is really a very short read, only 30 pages, and when you take its shortness into account, the advice in it is pretty good, especially if you haven't run through the mill yourself.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/product_reviews/pr_id/113986-The-Little-Blue-Book-for-Authors-53-Dos--Donts-Nobody-Is-Telling-You