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Summary of this Books...
I first read this book over twenty years ago, and it’s stayed with me over all this time. The story of Susan Dalston and how she comes through so much pain - physical and mental - and stays strong and defiant is just incredible. Susan is such a great character. She always has her strength of spirit, even when she is with the evil Barry Dalston who beats and attacks her on a nightly basis. The way Susan protects Wendy, and the relationships between Susan and all her children, is heartwarming. It’s beautiful to read. Who wouldn’t want a mother like Susan?

I like the humour in this book. Martina Cole, whilst tackling the dark subject of domestic abuse, writes keen observations of the foibles we all have as human beings. The result is some memorable personalities.

I enjoyed this book, possibly, even more than I did the first time around. A great story and beautiful writing.
This type of Books is good for...
People who like to read about East End gangland. People who like to read about the triumph of good and brave over evil and cowardly.
I especially liked...
The relationship between Susan and her children. I've got to say little Barry Jnr is my favourite. He's absolutely adorable.
I didn't like...
It wasn't easy to read. The abuse that Barry subjects Susan to is sickening. But it's written so well and with so much understanding, and it is so integral to the story, that it makes sense.
This Books made me feel...
Happy. Angry. Satisfied.
The n/a of this Books...
Martina Cole is the Queen of Gangland Crime. Undisputed. There have been a few since she began writing who have believed they can write like her. But none of them have come close yet.
I recommend this Books because...
It's a fantastic read.
I don't recommend this Books because...
If you are triggered by domestic violence and sexual violence, this book really isn't for you.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/product_reviews/pr_id/114926-Two-Women-An-unbreakable-bond-A-story-youd-never-predict-An-unforgettable-thriller-from-the-queen-of-crime