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Summary of this Audible Books & Originals...
This audiobook is rated 3.9 stars on Amazon and 4.3 stars on Audible. It was 3 hours and 17 minutes long. Most of the ratings seemed to be reduced for changes in the story. I am not familiar enough with the story to know that there were changes, but it was originally written in 1911, well before WWII, which is referred to in the beginning. But then, it was made into a play in 1928, so maybe it was based on that?

This is (as far as I know) the traditional story of Peter Pan, the boy from Neverland who never grew up. He talks Wendy and her to brothers to come to Never Land and talked Wendy into playing mother to the Lost Boys. They battle Tiger Lily and her Lost Girls and they battle Captain Hook and his pirates. In the end, Wendy and her brother decide to go back home.
This type of Audible Books & Originals is good for...
People who want to remember their childhood by enjoying a childhood classic.
I especially liked...
The audio was done exceptionally well, IMO. There were sounds of flying bugs that kept making me look to my left or right because they used surround sound. In my car, there was a rustling behind me that made me look in my back seat before I realized it was the audiobook.
I didn't like...
I definitely was surprised by all the references to death, torture, killing, bloodshed, etc. I suppose this was written in a different time, but to me, there was a bit more of this discussion than I would expect from a book that is supposed to be for kids.
I recommend this Audible Books & Originals because...
As an audiobook, especially for adults or older kids, I thought it was very well done. I didn't know when it was originally written, so things that may be out of place didn't bother me. I felt like the voices and sound effects were very well done.
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