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Not a Happy Family: A Novel   (Rated: 18+)
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Summary of this Book...
What a treat it is to sit down to a Shari Lapena novel I haven’t read before. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is incredibly exciting. It kept me guessing right until the very end. I suspected all of the characters all of the time. And I was never sure what would be uncovered next.

This is the story of the horrific murder of a wealthy couple in their home. Shortly after they sit down to Easter dinner with their three grown up children and their husbands, Fred and Sheila Merton are murdered.

I love the psychology of this book. All characters are less than nice, all of them lie like it’s going out of fashion, and all of them have a lot to gain from their parents’ deaths. So, who was it. We are given a list of ten possible suspects, and it is impossible to guess who actually killed them.

My only complaint is the ending and the culprit. I was disappointed with who the killer was. I thought they were the least interesting of all the suspects. I also felt the reveal was underplayed and, almost, an anti climax. BUT, I’m not going to reduce my 5* rating because overall, I just loved this book!

Shari Lapena is the Queen of this genre!
This type of Book is good for...
Lovers of psychological thrillers. Murder mystery fans. People who just want an exciting, fast-paced read.
I especially liked...
The plot. It is so freaking clever. Lapena has you constantly changing our guess as to "whodunnit." Right until the reveal at the very end, you will not know. Guaranteed.
I didn't like...
The 'big' reveal. It fell a little flat after the excitement of the whole of the rest of the move. I also thought the murderer was the least interesting character, and it seemed less of a shock, somehow, because of that.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
Read 'The End Of Her' as I, somehow, managed to skip this book in Lapena's works. I have it on Kindle, so I'll have to give it a read when I get the chance.
This Book made me feel...
Excited. Happy. Entertained. Amused. Filled with suspense.
The author of this Book...
I ove Shari Lapena. She truly is the queen of this genre. And, you know what? She really does get better with each book.
I recommend this Book because...
It's brilliant!
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