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Summary of this Books...
This is an inspired Christian romantic suspense story of how Nelson and Mia find love while clearing her name and solving a crime that involves Mia's best friend.

From Amazon:
"An alleged arsonist. A deadly cover-up.

Can this K-9 sniff out the truth?

Evidence at a fiery car crash leads K-9 officer Nelson Rivers and his accelerant-detection dog, Diesel, to Mia Turner—a woman previously accused of arson. But when a gunman targets Mia during their first meeting, Nelson suspects she might actually be innocent. Only Mia’s hiding something, and Nelson’s been burned before. Can they trust each other to catch a killer…before the threat engulfs them both?"
This type of Books is good for...
People who like Christian, romantic, animal, crime, and/or suspenseful stories.
I especially liked...
The faith elements. Mia's and Nelson's characters. The K-9 involvement. How Mia's friend was able to help despite very constraining circumstances.
I didn't like...
It was kind of tedious in places (like when introducing the whole K-9 team .. I know it was supposed to build interest in the series but it just took away from the story, in my opinion) and unbelievable in parts but I do plan on reading the rest of the series so overall I enjoyed it.
When I finished n/a this Books I wanted to...
Go to sleep. But it was bedtime. I love it when a book wraps up just in time for me to get to bed on time.
This Books made me feel...
Sometimes like I was in on the action, definitely pulling for Mia to clear her reputation and for Mia and Nelson to work things out.
The n/a of this Books...
"Award winning, multipublished author Terri Reed writes heart-warming romance and heart-pounding suspense. Her books have appeared on Publisher's Weekly top ten, Nielsen's Bookscan top fifty, Amazon Bestseller and featured in USA Today. You can visit her online at www.terrireed.com or email her at terrireed@sterling.net" from Amazon.
I recommend this Books because...
It was a nice read.
Further Comments...
I purchased this book on sale but plan to ask my library to buy the rest of the series so I don't have to.
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