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A Journal to impart knowledge and facts
July 22, 2015

I'm going to start today to record on a daily basis whatever happens to strike my fancy. So, it is a very cool breezy day. I just posted 5 short book reviews to The Monthly Reading Challenge. I'm suppose to put away some winter wood today from the woodpile outside but I'm playing hookey from work to write so starting this blog will get done.

I'm having a daily fight with a flock of English Sparrows that are trying to take over my barn. They are making a terrible mess so they have to go. I have destroyed several nests so far they don't leave but they get out of the barn when I am around. I'm just starting the fight so I guess I don't know how far I have to go to discourage them.

I'm trying not to spread myself to thin on WDC because I find so many things that are interesting here and I am trying to work on a new story. I really enjoy sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and reading blogs on WDC.

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November 26, 2021 at 12:34pm
November 26, 2021 at 12:34pm
My prompt is: Apondia is missing in Action I'll tell you why.

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Microsoft put a stopcode instead of an update on my computer. This has happened before. The computer has gone to sleep and won't wake up so I can't do anything for now but, wait until something moves in my favor. Microsoft chats are not available presently: they gave a number to call. However Microsoft community says they aren't getting any help from the people who answer the phones. Last time this happened my computer just started working again so, I'll give it a few days hoping it will start up if not I'll see what's next.

In the meantime, I'm going to use K's computer. It is so inconvenient that I won't go into how inconvenient that will be. This all happened the day after my last blog post. Then, the same day for some reason we totally lost our internet. It just quit working. The electricity flashed on and off a couple times too. ??? I have no idea why??? When the electricity came back on I backed up my chargers that store electricity, so I can continue to read on my kindle and keep my phone charged. The WIFI came back on after awhile. And the corn stoves continue to keep us warm.

As for yesterday's prompt. I have a lot to be thankful for. There is a blizzard going on outside right now. I took the dogs out walking in it an hour ago. They look cool bundled into dog coats. I just finished crocheting Drifter a new one. fit very well under his walking harness. When we returned to the house they were ready to settle down for the day. If the snow gets to deep Char will have to be carried on part of the walk, because he is only about 12 inches tall. He won't be able to wade through the snow. Even with the blizzard we only have about 2 inches on the ground so far.

Thanksgiving Day we spent a few hours at my youngest son's home. They had a nice dinner all ready when we got there. There was lots of conversation to catch up on. Even though they are here during haying or fixing machinery we never just sit and talk. Catching up and hashing out news was nice. The weather was even compatible.

In spite of today's weather I have lots to do to keep me busy. I'm crocheting Char a new coat to match drifter's. it is half done. I have lots of books backed up to read. I have games to play with the dogs. We are warm and have a store of food in. The TV works even in a storm. I can't help thinking how nice it will be when spring cycles in, but that is several months away. I made some lemon treats, which will be our yummy for the day. Apple pie tomorrow, More turkey, and peanut butter cookies.

Have a great day. Hope you are all well. I'll be here blogging whenever I can. Otherwise I will just have to find my way back when I can. Keep warm.

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Great to be blogging with you again in 30-Day Blogging Challenge. *^*Heart*^* walking in a blizzard is kind of refreshing. Makes the house feel cosy when you stomp off the snow or in the dogs case shake off the snow.
November 22, 2021 at 10:30am
November 22, 2021 at 10:30am
You have found that you can do something no one else can do. What is this special talent you have? Would it be considered a 'Super Power'? If you could have chosen this special ability, what would it be?

Owl with signature


I have a to be incentive: Not a super power. Just an ability to keep moving on from day to day. Not even a singular power, since it's a learned response to the evil that assails us all. It is the encouragement I find, when I read the Bible. One of the prophets thought he was alone. God showed him a whole lot of other people just like him.

I read a lot of super hero comics in my younger years. Maybe these comics, even have a place in my mentors group. When people won't answer your why questions Children of my generation read comics. Don't forget Archie, Little Dot, little Lotta, and others.

I especially liked Wonder Woman. {link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Woman} I was interested to find she was created in 1941 Four years later in 1945; I was born in January. I liked her Lasso of Truth. And, the bracelets she wore, that caused ricochets to keep her safe.

A fawn just walked across my window. It is half grown, and without its mom. It is one that regularly visits the field out back , however, usually with it's mom. Doe season isn't in yet. It may be a young buck striking out on it's own.

OK. Have a good day.


November 22, 2021 at 9:44am
November 22, 2021 at 9:44am
owl for signature use

Before I get involved in anything else read this;

Sometimes I just can't get here. I was doing really well then pay day hit. We get paid once about every 4 to 5 weeks by social Security. I'm wondering how many people out there have a difficult time keeping their budgets in order?

I need to get up and move around a lot during any day, so spending time at the computer can be difficult. Yes! I can get up and move around then sit back down and continue to write, but, I get involved mentally with the writing and forget to take a break.

Last week I wanted to set up my Christmas tree early. After Christmas 2019 I stored it in a closet and then the closet was sealed with insulation board. 2020 I just could not get into a Christmas spirit. My tree is 30 some years old. It was breaking up in 2019 so I thought I would have to replace it.

I decided to get it out see if it could be salvaged or throw it out and buy another one. The thought of buying another one was slowing me down. We did get into the closet and get out the tree. The closet was in good shape. But, it took more of the day to clean out a wall adjacent (this is and A-Frame, lots of wall space) to the closet, where insulation had been torn down, by the unwelcome squirrel a couple years ago. I cleaned the adjacent closet and put up the insulation. K was involved as well with getting to the tree and resealing the closet.

So, back to the tree, It turned out, that by removing the bottom two rows of the tree. and reinforcing the limb holders on the rest of the tree; I ended up with a perfectly nice tree in spite of it's age. It took one whole day to get the tree out. It took another whole day to do the repairs and set it up.

Yesterday, I managed to put on the lights. Over the years the pet population has ravaged the two bottom layers of limbs. Now, I have to watch one of the two cats, because she is trying to eat parts of the tree. I can only ask why? The tree is basically molded paper, wire, and plastic. .

At one time this was a 7.6 foot tree. Now it is about 6 feet tall. The last two days I'm catching up on my rest. I've always needed a lot of sleep. My energy levels keep me moving on in life. I still need lots of sleep. Thanksgiving is moving toward us at an unreasonable rate. I am shopping for Christmas on line. Kudo's to all the delivery personnel who are braving my long driveway to leave packages.

That plus cooking meals, doing regular dish clean up. Vacuuming rooms (even the robot needs the dirt dish emptied.) Keeping the laundry done and getting out once a day to walk to dogs if the weather isn't to rainy. I'm thinking of extending my dog walks even on rainy days. It is so nice to just get out side for a while each day.

I picked up the mystery prompt but, haven't written it yet. I have some ideas. If and when I write it I will post it just so you can read it. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving.

November 16, 2021 at 11:46am
November 16, 2021 at 11:46am
Do you follow a certain regimen/diet when it comes to eating?
Other than something you might be allergic to, are there any foods you avoid or limit yourself to? What's your favorite meal to prepare. Share your recipe if you like. (I have a 'killer' chocolate recipe!) *Smile*

signature dancing owl *Fairy3*

I don't have a special diet. I have over the years explored foods and found I like things no one ever told me about in my younger years. In our household , when I was a child we ate sparingly. The main meal was often boiled potatoes, hamburger, green beans, sometimes applesauce.

I bought school lunches, so as a teenager I had access for lunch to other foods. When I couldn't stand the school lunches I talked my dad into handing over my lunch money and a cousin showed me how to shop for enough foods, with my money to cover lunches. Breakfast at home was a bowl of Rice Krispies or toast. Which I still eat. As a teenager I spent more and more time at my aunt's house where there was a more varied diet or balanced prepared meals. Even then a night time snack was popcorn.

I have always liked fresh foods. I pulled and ate beats from my grandmother's garden, carrots too. I add fresh carrots to the dog's food and eat them myself. Of course, when I had horses I kept pounds of carrots for them on a regular basis.

Because K eats different than I do, I'm limited to how often I can have my own diet. so, I cook things for both of us at the one meal a day I cook. I cook dinner between twelve and one. Also, we eat what we can buy at the grocery store now.

When my children were growing up a family at the grocery store was considered 4 people. Sales were based on those equations, two children and two parents. I could never buy enough on our income to feed 4 children and two adults. So, I started raising chickens to gain more eggs. I raised dairy goats to supply more milk. Canned and froze bulk vegetables and fruits to supply more foods, that were healthy for us. I butchered goats, rabbits, turkeys, and chickens for us to eat. K was taught to hunt as a child, so we ate venison on a regular basis, according to the laws in place for hunting. And when we could afford it we bought beef in bulk at wholesale prices. I raised sheep and we ate lamb. I made cheese from goats milk.

Personally, my favorite meals are sandwiches with cheese, or baked chicken, fish, and salmon patties, with a salad. MY salads often include olives, onion, lettuce (different kinds), kale avocado, tomato, cucumber, broccoli anything fresh. spinach is one of my favorite foods I eat it cooked and raw, I put it in drink form with yogurt and blueberries. I love fruit. Last winter my biggest snacks were apples and peanuts. I eat nuts of all kinds. And I eat cookies. Peanut butter cookies are my favorites. My home baked cookies use smaller amounts of sugar than store bought. I grew and ate my own lettuce, two varieties from March to September. I grew it on my porch with new growing techniques that could be used in a pot on a window sill. Found the ideas on YouTube. If I can find money for a grow light I can grow lettuce all winter. I might try.

One of my favorite meals is so simple. Oil a pan with olive oil. Or your favorite oil. Lay out some Tilipia pieces across the bottom of the pan. sprinkle the fish with lemon juice. The beauty of this recipe is it can feed one or as many people as you want by changing the amount you cook. Cook the Tilipia in an oven until it is half done. Shave pieces of butter across the fish. This is a good time to add some tofu across the top of the fish as well. (unless you don't eat tofu) You can flavor the fish with Worchester sauce, hot sauce, turmeric, cumin, or a salad oil, that is your favorite flavor. Whatever you like . Next spread a package of your favorite mixed vegetables across the fish. Now cook until fish is cooked well and vegetables are cooked. Serve hot with your favorite roll recipe.

A recipe I just found for steak on Facebook: Cut steak into very small bite size pieces. toss with worcheshire sauce. Mix in mushrooms and even onions if you are inclined, cook in air fryer until tender. Serve with favorite vegetable, or cheesy mash potatoes.

If you are trying to control weight, sugar cravings, or blood sugar, eat breakfast and one decent meal a day. Keep all kinds of fruit, and nuts around, Don't eat between 5 pm and 5 or 6 the next morning. Drink beverages without sugar.

Personally, I have a terrible eating response to stress. When, I catch myself eating to many sweets or chocolate I revert to a better way of eating. I like myself best when I don't eat. I really don't care for food. It is too nagging for good health. I learned to like flavors in my 30's and 40's. That is also when I put on weight. Now, I try to stop eating it helps my energy and mental processes.

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For [Link to Book Entry #1021609]. A place of refuge... "I want to know more about this place. It would have saved me personal grief if it had been available in 2003... just saying... and a couple times before and since. I'm good at the moment. Too bad I can't just call Mage or Bea. Too bad I'm not related. You describe a refuge I wish were real. *^*Heart*^*" Write On!

November 14, 2021 at 11:45am
November 14, 2021 at 11:45am
A Mystery Genre prompt tonight. You are researching your genealogy and find that ancestors from a different generations and different countries made visits to the same remote place. Tell us about this remote place. Why were your ancestors going there?

Fairy playing a flute

Every once in awhile Bea, Megan, and Neil stumble onto a new adventure. This is just the way one more is starting.

A short Bea, Megan, and Neil story (Prey Haven, The Hideaway) by Apondia

"Good morning. How was your night?", Megan stood by the counter stirring a pot of hot oatmeal.

Personally, I’m not a fan of cooked oatmeal but, Megan seems to be able to eat a batch of it any time of day. On the other hand I make a mean batch of baked oatmeal containing all kinds of nuts and dried fruits. It’s a case of eating styles.

"I came in from the barn late. The boarding mare from Green Leaf farm foaled last night. A sweet little filly with lots of get up and go. She was on her feet feeding and then jumping around in the stall like she had been out and about for a couple months; while I was putting down fresh straw bedding, water and a special oat feeding for the mom. Is this this morning mail?"

As I stirred through a batch of envelopes laying on the kitchen bar, where we eat. I slid into one of the stools.

"Yes. It’s the daily batch of burnable litter, that keeps the postal service in business." Megan stated as she waved the wooden stir spoon in the air dripping oatmeal on the counter top.

"What’s this? It’s addressed to me from a law firm?" I questioned? As I slipped a table knife into the crease of the top at the envelope.

"Ugh! Don’t use that knife to butter toast." I looked up at Megan, who was wrinkling her nose at me. Then, pulled out sheets of white letter size paper.

The Letter:

Dear Bea:

This letter is to advise you of a possible change in the legal property ownership of “Prey Haven.” Your Aunt Mage, who is it’s most recent owner is enquiring as to whether you could be encouraged to assume ownership as she is now elderly and wishes to assure a family member to take it over upon her demise.

Mage realizes you may not have a working knowledge of the properties history. As a result our law firm has been hired to advise you of the properties historical value.

1. A male person who was your ancestor left a ship that docked in Florida. Sometime in the 1700’s. He wandered up the East Coast using the name James Appleton, Eventually he laid claim to a large track of land inland residing in what we consider the Eastern part of the USA. After taking possession, he built a small cabin and established a kind of barrier to the property to which, he laid claim . it was a lot of wild country at the time and no one else seemed to care. He sent to England, a message to his brother, about his fortunate literal land fall.

Appleton named the property “Prey Haven.” It seems you have ancestors who often needed a place to run in extreme circumstances. A property, that would always be a Haven no matter what trouble your ancestor may have been experiencing. So, over the years Prey Haven has been visited by brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts and others of your family. Always by blood relatives you may or may not recognize as your own.

Prey Haven has grown over the years into a true Haven but, still always fully owned by only one person. A blood member of the family line. Mage and her mother who owned the Haven before her have made extensive modernization to the property. It is situated within the confines of a true wilderness property. The house has only one access road a mile or more from civilized roads. It is surrounded by wooded areas with only a few harvest fields and a large lawn cleared. There is a machinery barn and stable as well as the house. Now, because the last three owners were diligent in upkeep, the property has evolved with solar and wind energy and it’s own tower that brings satellite and WIFI technology giving the family an ability to live off the grid.

After all this you are wondering why you may be in line to inherit the property. Because you, of all your relatives have an ability to work with and maintain horses. Also, if you are willing to access this situation you have to realize that within your lifetime you will have to have an open arms value to anyone in the present family, who may have need to retreat to the property for a time, when they are under duress or distress or just a vacation.

Enclosed you will find my number. If you will consider Mages request to visit the property and study the history of the family simply call us. We will make it financially possible for you to come here with one other visitor. This may seem to you, an insincere missile of information or a joke. I assure you it is not. Your family is calling on you for a life time commitment. Please consider our sincerity and even if you are not willing to under take the commitment to the family and to Prey Haven? Come to visit just as your family heritage entitles you. You will not be sorry you took the time to look into this offer.

Very Sincerely,

"Then it is signed with a seal, telephone number, and signature of the Law firm."

Megan had stopped eating as I read this incredible letter. Now she enquired? "Do you think it’s real or just some prank?"

"Oh! it’s real all right. My mother told me about Prey Haven. It’s called that for a reason. She even left me a way in her will to contact family members I don’t even know, who could help me get there, if I ever needed to get away from life for a few days. She encouraged me to visit it sometime just to acquaint myself with it but, I never did."

Are you going to go now?

" Yep. And you are going with me? I’ll make the arrangements. Neil can take care of the stable for a couple weeks. I'll get him to call his friend George. They can stay in the house while we are gone."

"OK. Did you call Green Leaf Farm about their new member?"

"Not yet. Make the call for me OK?"

"Sure as soon as I go visit the new filly."


November 13, 2021 at 12:40pm
November 13, 2021 at 12:40pm
A Science-Fiction type prompt tonight. In your world, all citizens are temporarily neutered at birth. When you want to become a parent, you must prove to the government that you’ll be suitable caretakers and providers before you are allowed to procreate. How do you 'prove to the government' that you'll be a good caretaker/parent.

signature dancing owl *Mindblown*

Quote: “Until they become conscious, they will never rebel” from 1984 by George Orwell.

Science fiction huh? If this ever becomes an actual event? There will be forms to fill out. 1.There will be a specific process to follow. 2. The government will already know which people it will accept and which people it will reject because every facet of life will be followed by technological means. 3. The government will probably be run by one ruler. Who may or may not know exactly what is going on in the kingdom?

Probably the government will actually invite you to be a parent or will notify you in some way that you have been approved. You may not have a choice. Although, you may have been prepared by schooling or instruction in your earliest youth.

As this process comes under governmental control there may be some years in which you have a choice but, the government left to make such decisions will soon tire of even that, and begin to rely on DNA testing in childhood, combined with results. Considerable testing will result in how people respond to governmental control.

The only really free people will be hidden and probably on the run most of their lives. Free thinkers will be shot on site. Mind control will be the essence of reality.

Is the prompt looking for a plot for a new novel? *Laugh*

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Thanks for being a part of an excellent Western Caribbean cruise *^*Beach*^**^*Sun*^**^*Wave1*^*with Andre*^*Monkey*^*and the rest of us. It was a lot of fun. I didn't even know Andre could dance, until you guys showed us some moves! Have a great Day. Reading Quiet by Susan Cain--about introverts and extroverts. -- very interesting.

November 12, 2021 at 10:11am
November 12, 2021 at 10:11am
A reminder I could say to myself before I’m tempted to respond to anger with anger, to fear with fear, to negativity with negativity is...

Owl with signature

Quote: From Bing= www.geckondfly.com "Quiet the Mind and the soul will speak"

I always say Lord Help Me. Which is not a symbolism but, a real instant prayer. It also helps instantaneous stop gaps to appear in my mind so I can take a breath and think before I act. It puts mindfulness into action.

Have a good day.
November 10, 2021 at 9:47am
November 10, 2021 at 9:47am
Your neighbor’s hay crop is ready to harvest. Everyone in their family is sick and their Combine is broken. How do you respond to this situation?

Manx Cat from Japan

This is a *Cool* prompt. Something I can relate too. I have to ask? Is their haying machinery also down?

A combine is made to harvest crops other than hay. By changing the heads on a combine you can harvest grains like corn, oats, and wheat. After the grains are gathered the wheat and oat stalks can be baled with hay equipment. Horses do well on oat hay. One year we planted a field of oats. We baled the field with the grain on the stalk like a hay field. Then fed it to the horses. It turned out to be worthwhile venture.

If it were a real situation we might offer to harvest the neighbors hay. Hay has to be baled. There are different kinds of machines to do the work. There are round balers and square hay balers.

The equipment being used on our property is older models, which bale square bales, that weigh approximately 50 pounds. The tighter the hay is bound by the machine depends on the weight of a bale because, tighter bales hold more hay. The machine bales with twine. When I lived in Texas the hay we bought for the horses was baled with wire.

First: the hay is laid down with a hay bine, which conditions the hay as it is cut. Conditioning the hay takes out some of the moisture as it cuts the hay. The hay lays to dry in the sun. Drying depends on weather. We are avid weather watches during haying season. Hot dry days with lots of sunshine are the best time for putting hay on the ground. If the weather is right the hay will dry within 24 hours or sometimes less depending on how dense the hay is growing on the field.

Second : A tedder is used to stir the rows of hay. It is fun to watch the tedder because it twirls the hay and stirs it; laying it in long rows. The purpose is to be sure the hay has dried in all it's parts before it is baled.

Next, the baler is used. The hay feeds into teeth on one end and comes out as a bale. The baler moves slowly down the long rows. I used to drive the tractor and baler when I was younger. As the baler moves it rocks the tractor back and forth as it gobbles up hay like a metal monster at work. It makes a sound as the hay feeds into the machine kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk, and then whoomph, when it cuts the string on a new bale.

Now, I check hay bales for moisture or help clean the chaff off the barn floor. The barn has to be kept clean to avoid mold and mildew which is bad for human and animal health.

Wet bales cannot be put into a hay mow because combustion can cause a barn fire. Moldy hay from moisture in one bale can spread throughout the mow affecting other hay bales. Horses get sick from moldy hay.

Putting up hay is seasonal as you have already surmised. It's a harvest celebration, when it is finished for another year.

It would be a tragedy if a whole family were ill keeping them from putting up their hay at the proper time of year. Obviously, people would chip in to help in some way. Farmers care for their livestock with good will. Hay is a big part of winter feed.

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Congratulations on completing your reading goals in  [Link To Item #monthlyreading]  for May 2018 *^*Bookopen*^*! 

~Minja More sunshine today. Take a walk.





November 9, 2021 at 11:03am
November 9, 2021 at 11:03am
You are having a very realistic dream. In this dream, you are approaching a castle. What unusual reason do you have to be at this castle? What do you say to the two guards standing outside it to gain entrance?

Fairy playing a flute

Quote: “... the round towers of the castles looked as if they were so firmly encrusted in the sky that, to get to their other side, one would have to hew out a passage through the celestial marble.”
Hope Mirrlees, Lud-in-the-Mist https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/castles

Stop the car. Look at the flag on top of that castle. They are flying a coat of arms I recognize.

I'm going over to talk to the guards at the gate.

Hello. What a beautiful setting for your castle. How much cash will it take to get a tour of the castle?

When we lived in New York for a year we use to take tours of the homes that were for sale for entertainment.

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Thank you for joining me on another August adventure. Hope you join me for the book signing tour next August. *^*Heart*^* Happy touring.

November 8, 2021 at 9:40am
November 8, 2021 at 9:40am
What would you have to start doing now so that in 10 years you feel like you just had the best decade of your life?

signature dancing owl

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” — Albert Camus.

I've had some very good decades. Never a dull moment, unless I don't voice opinions in a public way. It would be nice to have an honest talk face to face with my two oldest sons.

If I have to start a new chapter of life it would mean something if I could be helpful in some way to younger generations. This is an interesting prompt that actually will make me think awhile.

I'm here. The rest of the world is out there. That isn't likely to change.

Keep On, Keepin On

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