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This is my first attempt to be a blogger. I hope to type a few items that you will enjoy.
I do not know where to begin with this description. The time period is from 0 to now. Please don't ask how long that is. I am sure with certain clues, you will be able to figure that out.
I am writing this on my favorite old computer at home. I have a computer room that doubles as a retreat for a few of my pets when they want to be alone.
I will cover mostly current thoughts. I hope to add some pictures as I have seen in a blog. I think that to do this sharing will take a lot of work, but the pictures I have seen are well worth it.
Occasionally, I might review a flashback in mylife. I have times when I just roll that special even around in my mind until it has every possible facet examined. Usually this time is to try to figure out a "what if" scenario.
If some of my items have no zest to it feel free to say so. I think that after I have some a few trial runs, then the real me will be out for all of the world to see. Luck you! As the saying goes, "Come with me and the best is yet to be."
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July 9, 2024 at 3:14pm
July 9, 2024 at 3:14pm
Well, well, well. How is that book coming along? Got ya! I must motivate myself for more concrete action and less inaction. For goodness sake. What does it take? That idea has been sitting in that gray matter for about a month. You have materials and the technology to go with it. Get going !!!!!!

Yesterday a horrible storm/hurricane named Beryl tore through Texas. It took no prisoners. It was vicious and ugly. My heart goes out to my friends and relatives who were in the path of Miss Beryl. Over 2 million people are still without power and that is a disaster. Some people depend on the electricity for machines that keep them alive . But they had enough timely warning to leave. The homeless people were at the mercy of their friends and others to get to a better place. God help them all.
This is one of the reasons why Stan and I moved to Oklahoma. He hated hurricanes as much as I worry and hate tornadoes. With the snow, hail, ice, freezes, etc... he feels at home. I enjoyed seeing and feeling the snow the first few years but after about 5 years, I can do without it. The house we live in is strong for many contingencies. God bless Stan for buying a generator. We are warm or cool, depending when it is needed. WE cannot watch TV but radios and other communication devices are helpful. I watch the poor ducks, geese and small birds as they attempt to find a good place to sit as well as food. I am amazed at how much shock corn they can eat. The little bunny rabbit is doing well on his/her own. No animal can take refuge on our porch because Balto would chase them away or squeeze them to death. He just doesn't know who to be gentle.
Well I guess I have rambled on enough. If anyone reads this I hope my blogs will get better. In a decade of years from now, no one will care. I will not have any monuments in my memory, My picture will not be on any stamp. My lovely cats will also be gone. Any maybe some huge asteroid will crash into the earth and wipe out life. Then the dinosaurs can come back and pick up where they left off.
Que sera sera!
June 24, 2024 at 3:32pm
June 24, 2024 at 3:32pm
Hello there friends, Romans and fellow bibliophiles. My parents said that I wore them out by asking them to take me to the library. The librarian was a nice lady who allowed me to take one extra book home that was above the limit. By the end of the time I was allowed to keep the books they were all read. Of course this was the time that children had good reading teachers and great books to boot.
My goal in book selection was to read every book up to the time, I made the list. The list was to read all of the Pulitzer Prize winning books. Boy the time I had read them all, I would be mentally prepared to write a Pulitzer winner myself.
These were wonderful books. I am happy that women were included in the selection and winning books. Some people had won the award two times. I learned later that a few times it was a friend on the selection board who won. Boo! That was not fair even if the winners were good one. I have read about 20 of the books. But I wanted the book number one on my list and found that difficult to find. My husband found it for me an d I am reading the book occasionally. So next goal is to read this book for about 30 minutes per day. That is fair. And if I find something worthy, in something special in this book, I'll read until I feel like putting it down.
Now you might wonder what books I liked. Most of them were classics. You know, the ones you had to read in high school or college. Let me tell you. There are some great books. Some were even made into movies.
I liked, in no particular order: Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Good Earth, one by Hemingway, and a couple more that were read a long time ago.I lost my list so I'll have to finish later.
But in my story, I want to have love, family problems, and a few surprises along the way.
Is this too much for you? Am I boring right now? Well I plan to do better in the future. I am getting back on my plan to work on my novel. I have all of my resources lined up. It probably will not like a big book but I hope one that you can't put down. (You're thinking "Right! Promises! Promises!" )
My goodness touchy aren't we! Tsk.Tsk. Wait and see. I'll have you begging for more. Take care. Find a nice place to read. Be good. Signing off!!!
June 15, 2024 at 12:48pm
June 15, 2024 at 12:48pm
I'm baaaack! (Jack Nickolson's line.)
It is going to be a hot day. Summer is only a few days away but the heat for the summer started early. I think I will complain now. I'm entitled.
1. The heat. Nothing I can do about that except strip naked and make sure I am not near any window.
2. I am fat. Well I exercise on our treadmill and try to limit sweets. I go shopping and sneak a few goodies in the cart. I just hope that I don't hit the next century mark on the scales in weight.
3. I am not reading enough. There are many books here so what's my problem.?
4. I am not working enough on my book. Well duh! It isn't going to write itself. Sit down dummy and DO IT!!!!!!
5. There is an election coming up and I do not know who to vote for. Well, talk to the Stan the man and research it.
6. Animals are being euthanized at an alarming rate. Why? Because they are caught as strays and have no chip or anyone who cares. Facebook is showing that some animals are being so abused that I want to go out and tar and feather the jerk who abandoned them. These are the most loving and loyal animals on earth and they don't get adopted and must make room in the shelters. Many people do not want this but ...and one can guess the rest. My heart goes out to these wonderful creatures. Not everyone can be Lee Asher of the FB Asher House post. He tries his bests. There are adoption events but very few dogs and cats get adopted. One person interviewed said that most people do not want their pet spayed or neutered. Why? The next generation of animals will not have to be euthanized. I wish I could help these fur babies. Dear God, please help these wonderful animals.
7. My balance and the physical therapy is going slow. I do not want to fall and get a broken hip. Stan is amazing but he has his own set of problems in the health department. I wish I could help him more.
8. My family in Texas have their own lives and problems but that is something I need to let them handle. I do not always get the news on what's going on.
9. I miss Bert and Millie. They came to Stan and my wedding. But they later got cancer and I did not know about Millie's death until much later. Bert did not want to talk to me much on the phone but he was having trouble eating/swallowing. I wish I had known about that problem so I could help.Graham did a nice job in hospital visits and post death responsibilities after both parents were gone. He is working to establish his own life. I wish him and Irene well.
10. This might be petty but I miss seeing my Astros on TV. It is always blocked out and I listen to the game on Sirius. It is fun to see homers by our guys and outs done in dramatic fashion against the other teams. We have good players but, sometimes they don't focus enough.
This is the top ten problems/complaints/worries/thorn in the side from my point of view as of today. Maybe the next blog should be the top ten good things I think about. That is only fair. If I can think of ten. Well it is off to lunch I go. I will be careful for number 2 of this list. time will tell.
Tomorrow is Father's Day. My father is dead so I don't have to talk to him. He didn't want me any way.
June 5, 2024 at 5:26pm
June 5, 2024 at 5:26pm
I can say that I may have celebrated my 5th year here. What an experience! There is nothing like a new home in a state that I never had dreamed to live in. It is almost like moving to another planet.
The captain of this flight is none other than my husband, Stan. He had lived in Texas or Mother Earth for about 32 years with a wife who he loved very much. His home planet, was Oklahoma or Mars. (Since it is colder in both places I felt that it was a fair comparison.)
We had crew members in the form of a young husky dog and 5 cats. All of them were not thrilled but could not refuse.
How am I doing? Well I guess I need to add a factor of aging. In five years I have put on weight and added bumps, bruises and various injuries, (including the one from a goose who was protecting his mate and their unborn child/egg.) Emotionally I have good and bad days. (don't we all). But adjusting is important and essential if I plan to live the rest of my life here. (I do.)
Maybe thinking of the pros and cons of the move and changes would help but this blog is meant to journal some thoughts and feelings to create a picture of my world. (remember that I am on a new planet now)
First of all, I am happy that I did to go to a hotter or colder place. I have seen and walked in snow. I have learned another language, Cherokee. I have made some nice friends. And I am in a lovely home that should take care of basic needs. My husband makes sure that we are all comfy and well. Oh, BTW I have lost two of my Cats, Shadow and Kluter. I lost two friends from Houston, Raynell and Becky. They were special and I hope they are at peace in heaven.
Left behind are family. Two brothers who have wives. One oldest brother and his wife passed due to cancer. (I hate that monster with all of my heart.) My nephew is on his own and I believe he has friends who have such different political ideas that a conversation with any of them might turn into a (ahem...) war. It is better to leave that part alone.
How much have I changed? Well I'll go into that in another blog. Let's just say that I try to adjust but still be me. Does that make sense? Probably not because my husband says that I jump around on topics a lot.
My plan is to continue writing, continue physical therapy for my balance problems and help Stan have some good years of health and mental happiness. It is only a matter of time before I drive him crazy. I'm good at that.
So if I have not gone to another planet, ONE YEAR FROM NOW...I'll see if there is something more of changes or challenges defeated to declare. June 5, 2025. here I come.
March 2, 2020 at 4:07pm
March 2, 2020 at 4:07pm
Two months ago, I was writing continuously about my foot. We'll, it is still on my leg and still hurts from time to time. I use the bunion pad and a toe separator. I can get my foot in my sneakers comfortably 50% of the time. I walk Balto many times and try to be careful not to overdo.
There are good news too.
Stan has finished assembling the treadmill. It feels great to walk and not have to worry about tripping outside at nighttime. Sometimes I am surprised at the incline but that is included in the workout. The programs look interesting. And finally, Stan uses it too. We all need exercise, but I think that the workout helps me/us to sleep better.
If anyone is interested, I say get a treadmill if you can.
We are coming close to our one year anniversary of living here. We are not completely settled in, but we are comfortable. We live a couple of miles away from the storage place where we can find things. And then go eat at McDonalds.
Finally, I entered a picture prompt contest with WDC and won third place. I got a special button that acknowledges the win. I am very proud of this win because I worked hard on it. I will try my hand, back in the story venue. I have the time and the extra resource books so why not.
Oh one more! Stan and I are reviewing the taxes we will be paying. I never knew that it would be so hard. Stan was up one morning at 3:00 AM working on it. I wish he would do it after we get up, but he does not like to sit around and worry or waste time. Naps take care of any tired feeling.
Really this IS the last.
I am taking a course on learning Cherokee language. It is very different but I will put the effort into it. I know some of the writing....ᎣᏏᏲ which is o-si-yo for Hello! I must study a lot.
So that's the latest. Life will go on. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
At 3:00 PM Nighty night!
December 24, 2019 at 5:17pm
December 24, 2019 at 5:17pm
This will be my first Christmas with a new address and a new family, to speak of.
The home is beautiful but filled with items from two families. It has worked out so far.
The weather was a beautiful. It was in the 60s and dry. When we walked our dog, Balto it would have been a pleasure if my foot was not sore. The surgery has not completely healed. Dr. M. says that the swelling and soreness probably will be cured (?) in one year's time. I am now using little gel pads for my bunion. Otherwise I walk carefully.
The biggest item here is that I am sad because my sister-in-law Millie, Bert's wife died a terrible and probably painful death from cancer on the 5th of December. Today is the 24th. I know that they wanted to not be bothered by relatives but I can't help that Stanley and I were close to them. Bert asked me to not tell Fred or David but I cannot keep this from other family members who wanted to make peace. I feel a deep sorrow that Millie did not get the funeral or burial that could have been done. But it was her wish. Rest in peace Millie. You were a good sister-in-law to me. I hope to see you when God calls me.
November 30, 2019 at 10:53pm
November 30, 2019 at 10:53pm
Let's get to the topic of my foot. It has improved a little bit. The scabs from the surgery are falling off. My big toe still has some ugly dry scales that hurt form time to time. There is a callus that is on the bottom area of the bottom of that to. The compression socks that I have, about 7 of them are so-so. I would like to find one of exactly good fit. But then that would be a miracle.
Today was flea medicine day. Not one of my cats liked it. Stan and I did our best but June needed two tries. The others were hissing and wiggling to get away. Stan and I believe that we have this problem under control, but only time will tell.
We went to a hotel for a beautiful feast made by Rib Crib and Diane. She is amazing as a cook. If I could cook half that good, I might be twice the size that I am now. Her pies, apple crumb, pumpkin, and pecan that were made from scratch were absolutely fantastic. I had the good luck to be in the house after she finished and enjoy the aroma of pumpkin spice, pecans and apple-cranberry juice as it wafted through the air. MMMMMMM!!
We ate at the hotel because Kirk and Diane's sone Jason was not too crazy about animals. He came in from Dallas the day before.
Also iln attendance wa Janos. He had left a job but was hopeful that he would get a job soon. I am glad. Janos also adopted another dog. This is one that will be a friend with Casina who I have met. She and Balto had a great time together.
We all talked about history, and science fiction, more specifically, Star Trek. That is an area that I knew well, so in my opinion the conversation went well.
Stan is watching a TV show that is called Dublin Murders. This show was what it was titled but I felt that it had a lot of weird twits. I am in the 'portrait room' with Shadow and watching football. I cannot get the Houston Rockets because I need a subscription to use that channel. How sweet. :(
Tonight a cold front is supposed to come in. The temperature when I wake up will be in the 30's. I am still looking for snow, but can wait.
Finally Stan and I have bought joint gifts. We have a new computer for Stan and a treadmill for me. Really these gifts are for both of us.
Life is fair. We had a small tiff regarding communication.
I see that Shadow is hungry. I'll feed her and then watch the news.
I am tired.
Nighty night!
November 21, 2019 at 5:52pm
November 21, 2019 at 5:52pm
Well, back at the ranch, the turmoil/trouble/pandemonium about my poor, dear, right foot is continuing.
So the pin is out. Woopee! And what do I do next?
I'll tell you.
I was told that my venous part of my legs is not pushing the blood back efficiently and I was surprised. I felt that I was the picture of health. The words that I dreaded was uttered, "You will need to wear COMPRESSION SOCK for the whole day and the rest of your life. Pan in to face-----surprise---unbelieving----dread! Let's see you act that out Angelina Jolie or Sarah ???? whatever her name was.
So my dear husband took me into the nearest pharmacy, a CVS and we bought a 15-20 mmHg sock. It was quite expensive but we got it, and put it on. It was not too bad, but I would rather wrestle a 10 arm/tentacle monster than have to put that sock on again.
The next day which was Tuesday we went shopping for shoes since my right foot is still swollen. The sales lady told me that she knew someone who measured legs and could fit me into a better sock. We bought shoes and went to that place. We bought the two pairs and went home. Same result. It was so difficult.
Oh did I mention that Stan and I watched videos on the process of putting that little monster on? It helped only a wee bit. Stan still tried to help and did as well as another pair of hands. Sometimes it smarted and sometimes it tickled. I wore the buggers and tried not to let any part slide back which could have resulted in little tourniquets. When I took the new pair off I saw several places that had bunched up. Yes I was not happy.
So next on I decided not to wear any socks to give my poor veins a rest. I decided that since I was short that I might have to look at Google and see if I could find something to my requirements. This is Thursday and I did.
You have to admire the computer and Amazon.com for their efficiency on advertising and ordering power. I have to wait for 2 days but you my little Blog friend will be the first to know.
In the meantime, do not step on my toes.
November 7, 2019 at 11:44pm
November 7, 2019 at 11:44pm
Here I am getting ready to end my night, before bed routine. I am up later than usual but I felt I needed to get this done.
The doctor's visit went well. I got the pin or small rod removed from my right second toe. A big OUCH ran through my mind. My toe felt hot as the doctor pulled it out. Dr. M> said that my foot had done better than usual. Lucky me. But I am not allowed to walk a lot or drive for two more weeks. Sometimes there is pain and sometimes not. I just do not want to go back to surgery or any of this mess that I have had to endure for 4 weeks. I must be very careful.
We are entering some very cold weather. Within the next 7 days there will be a temperature of 19 degrees. WOW! I really feel for Stan who is walking Balto in the morning. He really is working very hard. I would like him to take it easy.
The critters are doing fairly well. I just do not want Shadow to get to cold. The other cats are trying to get into her room. She does get a little upset. Mustn't let that happen.
Finally I need to get a flu shot. But some poor people in an assistant living area, got insulin instead. I hope that they all make it. Someone is in big trouble.
Well enough jabbering. Time to go.Sweet dreams.
NIghty night
November 2, 2019 at 4:15pm
November 2, 2019 at 4:15pm
It is midday instead of the usual night time writing. I enjoy the night time better.
I have less than 50 hours to endure the right foot misery that I have had to bear. I have had pain but not enough to take the medicine I had a prescription for.
Along with Ms Right Foot problem, I had a yeast infection, for women only that required that I take a different kind of antibiotic. Things went from bad to worse. My left bursa became inflamed and I could not raise my left hand much less my arm. I felt for Stan because he had to treat me like I was a complete invalid. (Of which I was) One night I tried to sleep in the recliner but it was terrible or completely unbearable.) One should read the side effects because muscle pain was one of them. Soon my right side bursa was starting to hurt. Thank heavens I had one more pill to go.
Today was two days after the last pill and my arms are starting to feel normal. Stan insisted that I take Ibuprofen. I was worried that it might react against my other medicine. It did not.
I am going to make sure to take better care of myself. How I can avoid some of these things, I do not know.
To add to this, it is November 2. We should not have ultra cold for another few weeks. But some morning are in the high 20s. What a predicament. It is just my luck that one of Stan's flannel shirt fits me. It is nice and cozy.
One last thing is that the Astros did not win the World Series. (Wait until I finish crying.) They did their best. The Nationals won and can say they were the best but I don't think so. (Sour grapes time.) We did have the best team. And some good players are moving on. Life is not always easy.
Well I must go. I have other work. Monday, Nov. 4th, at 3:30 the sutures come out. YEA!!!!!
NIghty night.

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