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test your knowledge of classic films!
do you like old movies? Classic films? Think you can answer a bunch of useless, obscure questions about old movies? try this quiz! guaranteed to waste at least 10 minutes of your precious time.
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1. classic movies:
 Which film star first created the 'action-adventure' movie genre?
       Douglas Fairbanks        
       Errol Flynn        
       Rudolph Valentino        
       John Gilbert        
2. classic movies:
 Which film won the first Academy Award for Best Picture, in 1928?
       Grand Hotel        
       Beyond The Rocks        
3. classic movies:
 Which movie is considered the very first 'talkie'?
       Show People        
       Captain Blood        
       The Jazz Singer        
4. classic movies:
 What country does the movie 'Casablanca' take place in?
5. classic movies:
 what was the first movie to win all five major Academy Awards---best picture, director, screenplay, actor, and actress?
       Citizen Kane        
       It Happened one Night        
       Grand Hotel        
6. classic movies:
 Who was known as the 'King Of Hollywood'?
       Douglas Fairbanks        
       Errol Flynn        
       Clark Gable        
       Elvis Presley        
7. classic movies:
 What movie first paired Bogie and Bacall?
       The African Queen        
       The Big Sleep        
       To Have And Have Not        
       Key Largo        
8. classic movies:
 Who's untimely death and funeral, in 1926, nearly caused riots in New York by his grief-stricken fans?
       Buster Keaton        
       Harold Lloyd        
       John Gilbert        
       Rudolph Valentino        
9. classic movies:
 What classic fictional character is portrayed in more movies than any other?
       Count Dracula        
       Robin Hood        
       Sherlock Holmes        
10. classic movies:
 The Wizard Of Oz was originally developed as a vehicle for which child star?
       Deanna Durbin        
       Shirley Temple        
       Elizabeth Taylor        
       Jane Withers        
11. classic film:
 What real life entrepreneur was Citizen Kane based on?
       Harold McCormick        
       Howard Hughes        
       Jules Brulatour        
       William Randolph Hearst        
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