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Are you popular? Take this quiz and find out!
School is where you can express your feelings and make friends! Making friends is fun, but why don't you make people WANT to be your friend and become popular? Why don't you girls take this quiz and find out if you're a popular girl or not!
1. Situation:
 If your crush got a new girlfriend and he asked you to meet her, what would you do?
       Grab her hand and squeeze it really hard!        
       Storm off in a rage!        
       Shake her hand politely and smile.        
       Roll your eyes.        
2. Purse:
 What do you carry in your purse?
       A cell phone to text my BFFs!        
       My diary to write everything down!        
       I don't have a purse....        
       Lip balm and make up!        
3. Situation:
 If someone is wearing an ugly pair of jeans, what would you say?
       Make fun of her!        
       Offer her fadhion advice!        
       Let her deal with it herself.        
       I don't care what she wears...        
4. Situation:
 If a girl was being mean to you. What would you do?
       Plan revenge on her!        
       Say mean things back!        
       Just ignore her.        
       Beat her up!        
5. Clothes:
 Which clothing item do you like best?
       Boy shorts        
       Frilly Skirts        
       Fluffy Tops        
       Tank tops        
       Designer Shorts        
6. Friends:
 How many friends would you choose?
       Just one friend that is loyal to me!        
       As many as possible! The more the merrier!        
       None. I like being alone.        
       5! A clique to surround me!        
How'd you do? Click below for your results:
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