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A giant tidal wave hits Japan in 550 words or less.
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#999337 by Max

The terrified fishermen gaped at the turbulent sea cresting high over head, as frothy spumes cascaded all around them. Like a ravenous beast, the Tsunami threatened to engulf each vessel, devouring the sailors in its hungry onslaught. Its omnipresence overshadowed the serenity of the majestic Fuji. Fearing the worst, the helpless seamen battled against the angry gigantic swells which threatened to capsize their tiny crafts. Like David facing Goliath, the huge watery claw reached menacingly toward them. Knowing their imminent peril of drowning, the fishermen boldly attacked head on.

In this contest I had to describe a picture in 550 words or less and not use the words: Japan, wave, boat, wood, blue, white, brown, mountain, storm, mad, rage or any form of the words.
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