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Using emoticons



T'was on a dark and dreary night,
A light mist softly *Kiss*ed the ground.
Since I was late driving home from work,
I wore a very sad *Frown*.

A hard day at work
Had left me so tired.
A sneaky *Yawn* escaped my lips,
Gee! How I wish I was retired.

I turned *Left* into my drive
*Delight*ed to be home.
Found no one there,
Sadly, I'm all alone.

The house was dark,
I couldn't see.
Reached for the switch,
But no light for me.

I had an *Idea*
Was sure it would work.
Searched for the candles,
Felt like a jerk.

Stubbed my big toe
On a small rocking chair.
Floundered around,
Grasping for air.

I *Star*ted to *Cry*
Was sure it would bleed.
My soft cushioned sofa,
Was now what I need.

This didn't feel right,
Now where could it be?
*Confused* I was now
Since I couldn't see.

I finally sat *Down*
On a hard wooden chair.
Reached for my phone ,
But it wasn't there.

*Shock*ed and dismayed
I rose *Up* from the chair.
Wondered if my house,
Really was here.

*Sick* to my stomach,
To the kitchen I went.
Into the sink,
My dinner was spent.

I *Question*ed my sanity,
And felt like a fool.
While wiping my mouth,
Of spittle and drool.

*Angry* and frustrated,
My *Heart* pounding faster.
This homecoming now,
Was such a disaster.

Where was my husband?
I shouldn't be alone.
He should be waiting,
Anxiously at home.

Then all of a sudden
An *Idea* occurred.
Knowing now why,
I feel so absurd.

This wasn't my house,
But my neighbor's next-door.
I *Blush*ed in the dark,
Wanting to crawl through the floor.

So I hurried on home,
And my husband I found.
Asleep in his Lay-z-boy
All safe and sound.

Here is a list of Emoticons used in this poem:

*Frown* frown
*Angry* angry
*Blush* blush
*Cry* cry
*Delight* delight
*Heart* heart
*Idea* idea
*Kiss* kiss
*Sick* sick
*Star* star
*Yawn* yawn
*Down* down
*Up* up
*Left* left

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