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the apcolypse has come and its not from the heavens. see how are own arogence destroys us.
She watched as the train pulled away from the station. The tears ran down her pail cheek, the love of her life was leaving. She was alone, and there was no one to go home to. The breeze in the station blew a draft up through her bones and she shivered. Karen was a young woman, about 25. Short black hair, it would shine in the moonlight and glow in the sun. Her eyes were a soft brown; Phil always told her that they melted his heart. They were deeply in love, they needed each other. And now he was gone, off to war. It was heart breaking, Karen knew many women whose husbands never came home. She was terrified of that, it haunted her.

The war in Europe was raging, the threat from France had been contained and now all the alliance had to do was defeat Italy. Neither of the countries had the technology that the new united states had. In the year 2040 the countries of Canada and Mexico were added to the super power. There governments crumbled and they needed economic support, the u.s was happy to oblige. Although our country had grown we still had enemies, and the number was growing. France, Italy, Russia, and even Germany, felt we were to powerful and needed to be stopped. In 2043 WW3 started, the entire world embarked on the mission of destroying one another.

It was obvious who was going to win, America. They had always been the dominant force in war fare. However, all the nuclear weapons had been destroyed to consolidate the world, it had the opposite affect. Nations fought over land and ideals, France are most trusted ally turned on us. Jean Luc felt we were putting to much pressure on Europe and they attacked us. The battle lasted only a week and France was defeated. They were no match for the all powerful Americans.

Phil was sent to Germany he was an engineer and they needed those bad. All the plans to attack weren’t working. Germany had developed a new weapon that allowed all missiles to be detected and shot down with 99% accuracy. The nuns needed a way to break down there system. It was tedious work and so far nothing had been accomplished. Phil and his partner Tom worked long hours. They needed a plan, the Generals were getting inpatient. It didn’t really matter though; the world was already falling apart.

In the mountains of west Virginia, in the mind shafts men dug feverishly to find the precious material lithium. This was used to control and operate all the machines and lights in most of the world. The use although knew, was found to be a lot cheaper and didn’t affect the environment as much. Hour after hour they searched almost to the center of the mountain. It was late on a Sunday morning, may eighth. They had found what they thought to be a huge boulder of lithium. They packed it in their cart and left the mines. In town the miners celebrated in there discovery, the government paid handsomely for the discovery of new energy rocks.

It started slowly, one than the next. A cough, a sneeze, and then the rash. Oh god the awful rash. Welts the size of walnuts appeared on their skin, mucus and blood poured out. The screams were loud and deafening. And then death came, when the rash of welts reached their brains your head collapsed on itself from the pressure. Each man suffered, each man died within five minutes of each other.

When the army arrived they wore there protective gear, the masked were supposed to keep them safe. They took tissue samples from the victims that were in tact and analyzed them. It was as if they had stumbled across a new virus of some kind. The only problem was no one knew if it was airborne or transmitted in another way. All they knew was that it was deadly and could be used to kill the enemies of war. General G.W Bucsh. ordered that the virus cells be duplicated at once. Within a week all of the resistance was dead. The Americans had won, the war was over. No one else could fight; Phil and the other soldiers were sent home. He was so glad to see Karen; they knew that life was going to be wonderful.

When they returned to their home it was around dinner time. The stars were out and they ate on the deck that night. The sound of spring was present with the chirping of frogs looking to mate. The phone rang later that night, it was early in the morning, and the man on the other end was frightened, it was tom. He too was a solider who was stationed with Phil; he needed to see him right away. Before Phil could get the words out the door bell rang. “Jesus Christ Phil, it’s over. All over what the hell are we gonna do?” Phil knew why he was so fearful. The unthinkable had happened; the virus had survived and was spreading in the states. “How many dead tom?” The number was staggering, over 15 million people lost in the past 4 hours.

There was nothing left to do but wait, wait until there time came. Phil knew this day would come eventually. He knew the army couldn’t control a natural part of the earth, this thing: this virus survived millions of years for a reason. It was unbeatable, General George was an idiot, he was so controlled by his inflated ego he didn’t think of the consequences. They had to WIN! And they did, the war was over and so was the existence of the human race. All because of the stubbornness of one man.

Phil gently kissed Karen on the forehead and carried her downstairs. She was so tired when he woke her. He didn’t know how to tell her. That he would survive and she wouldn’t. He just didn’t know. He fell to his knees and begged her forgiveness; he would do anything to save her. Karen sat motionless on the couch listening to the details. When the general decided to use the virus as a weapon he made a vaccine that was only given to the soldiers. Once you were infected with the illness the vaccine could not be administered. It only worked if you were unexposed. This tactic was thought of by the general. He theorized that once the armies fell they would come to them and asked for the vaccine. He was wrong, no one had the chance. The virus spread to quick and all of Europe was destroyed. And now it was here, working on the rest of the population.

Phil, Tom, and Karen sat on the couch listening to the screams from the neighbors as they were dyeing. Then it was silent, no more screaming. Just silence, Karen began to cough and the welts boiled up on her body. Phil held her tight as the convulsions increased. There eyes never separated, they looked deep with each other all the way to the end. She laid her head in his lap and her skull became week, the bones crumbled and her eyes closed. She never once cried out, she was to strong for that.

The rest of the night tom and Phil sat. They were too sad to move. They knew it was over but were too afraid to go outside. They fell asleep, in the morning the sun danced its rays across there faces and they awoke. It was an eerie morning, to beautiful for words, but a deafening sadness. The bodies were buried by the soldiers left behind. There was no one else except the general and his men. Left to wage their own personal war, the long eternity of guilt crumbled there spirit. All those people dead. The misery they felt was unbearable.
The end of the world had come, but at least the General won his war...... . ....
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