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You love him, he loves you, the relationship ends and you're left to wonder...
I am left to wonder how a face that once seemed to be apart of me is now only a faded memory. The only thing I am left to remember is a feeling so indescribable it cannot be put into words. It is almost like a feeling of warmth and completion. For a moment, your world seems perfect and indestructible.

I am left to wonder how a face that once gave me a reason to smile now only gives me a reason to cry. The world that once seemed to be so full of promises now appears to be a shattered dream and I am left alone to pick up the shattered pieces.

I am left to wonder how a heart I once felt so connected to, hearing and feeling every beat, became so distant and eventually so very faint. I am forced only to imagine the feeling I felt when I first felt and heard his heart beat.

I am left to wonder how a heart that once beat for me no longer dreams for me. A heart that promised me a life in its future now only lives in the memory of my past…

And still today,
I am left to wonder…how?
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