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My basset hound died when I was only 10 years old... Recieved Animal Merit badge for this.
I remember.

I remember the swish of her long tail, the endless drool, the unique markings on her back, and the sad sweetness of her eyes.

I remember lying down with her on the floor, soaking up the sun from our window. She was very tolerant of me and my brother, I guess- never growing irratible, never yapping when we played with her long, droopy ears.

I remember how she greeted everyone with a smile, her tiny body shivering with excitment.

I remember how she would eat and eat and eat...until she got sick.

I remember the cold, winter day my father came into my room, and told me she was going to be put down. It was a tumor, in her leg. We all took pictures, and caressed her. I went out sledding, to get away from it all, and-

They left.

No last goodbye.

Yes, I remember how Dad gave me her collar, that jingled and shined in the light.

I remember.

But I am beginning to forget. It's been almost four years, four busy, exciting years...and my childhood grows farther away.

I no longer think about her everyday. She only appears in my passwords and diaries of long ago. She, love of my childhood, is gone forever. But time heals all wounds, as it has mine.

I don't even miss her...

And that's what hurts the most.

* * * *

Another stole my heart, not even sharing it with one long deceased. A big, happy, energetic mutt named Kayla- and (I can't help it, Annabelle) I love her so much!

But what about Annabelle? Who will remember her?

I will.

I promise...

I'll remember.

* * *

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