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"Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. I broke Commandment #234."
"Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. I broke Commandment #234."

"You dared to wear blue!?" roared the priest I was confessing to.

When I joined the FROG, or Fanaticaly Religous Order Group, they forgot to tell me about all the regulations until AFTER I'd signed up. The first ten rules are in the Bible, everyone knows them, they said. They didn't mention the other 427 of them. Which includes every shade color you're not allowed to wear, which is really everything but green. They're not called frogs for nothing. Incedentaly, we are bound to help any of our leapy friends if we find any hurt, and don't mention eating frog legs. I'm sick of this dumb group already.

"As penance for this most hienous sin, you will carry the group mascot with you everywhere you go for the next month."

Groooooooaaaaaannnnn! Not that slimey toad! (I mean frog, of course, sir. *Bigsmile* ) Wait a minute.... *Smirk* "Yes sir. Thank you sir."

I got in my car with the precious little froggy and drove to my destination. I wanted out of the group, and I knew just the way to get out.

"Alright, waiter, can I get a discount on frog leg soup if I bring the victim?"
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