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Long Ball Wins Driving Range

Taller thin guy and shorter plump buddy heading toward school. Gym bag sagging shoulder of plump pal, taller thin guy draped [whew, ball soars into sky]

With backpack walking together on sidewalk. Who’s talking at the moment? Where are we in relation to our destination? What’s [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

It (the conversation, the day) all about? What’s (around them) happening? Haven’t I heard that before? How does it [whew, holding form he gazes]

(The situation) feel? I told myself I would learn to read, write and evaluate the merits of results. Custodian cleaning up [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

A littered cafeteria, locker room. My dog, Voldo, is chasing rabbits and squirrels, and frolicking in lake. I can see the clouds [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

Reflected in the glass of that building. Look ma, the geese are flying south for the winter. I wrote of a teacher drinking [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Coffee in faculty lounge, grading test’s essay question. Reconsidering your work, in light of your own and other’s insights.[whew, ball soars out into blue]

If you decided it should be kept, changed or omitted, then you are presentin your work in a way you have chosen. [whew, holding form he gazes]

The mail man won’t even deliver to our neighborhood. If it ain’t the dogs, it’s the thugs, if it ain’t thugs It’s confidence [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

Men and protection money. Indifference was a crime punishable by death. He sat stunned after they announced [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

His conviction. A flood of thoughts race through his mind, did he just say guilty? I made a call that very same night. [whew, ball soars into sky]

Whether past or present, near or far, necessity's mother of invention. Beyond language, which also has a voice, [whew, soaring ball bounces onto fairway]

Is easily coerced by word choice. Is acutely aware of peril, danger. A lot of people are making money off of fear these days. [whew, ball vanishes into blue]

I left to avoid the weariness. If only peace could out trump turmoil, then we’d have rest. Is it as important as finding your voice? [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Discman batteries go dead, fully charged cell phone runs out of minutes and then, of all things, our luxury sedan runs out of fuel, [whew, holding form he gazes]

Coasting… I'd recall one man’s meat is another man’s poison. If to gather witnesses was his highest priority. She said a prayer, [whew, ball bounds onto fairway]

But the brevity of it soured many an appetite. You can do it, but there’s many a consequence accompanying. The incident, [whew, ball soars out into blue]

It may cause his card value to drop significantly. We were able to revive him after a few minutes. He was groggy and panting, [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

Though he promised never to try that again. If we celebrate a triumph or two, this year, I’ll be satisfied. He resented the betrayal. [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

I wasn’t around day of the actual arrest. Who sought to atone? What was there to justify? His guardian angel arranged [whew, ball bouncing onto green]

A brief intercession, it sounds like it saved his life, huh? He went to see a priest for insight into the daily Catholic mass. [whew, holding form he gazes]

At first, all he did was exalt in the grace and mercy of God, only later did he list her personal plunder. I tried to [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Humiliate her. Why would we resurrect a killing machine again? He felt a responsibility to them as a steward. [whew, ball vanishes into blue]

Slowly, looking up, he began to ascend the stairs. They began to converse about his new Nike’s. com see the view, [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

It’s beautiful. I often have to spirit him away from here. Sounds like your judgment is impaired to me. I would suggest [whew, ball soars into sky]

Lots of coffee, and some time. I’m no hero. I used to listen to Jazz standards. I hear her sermon and he was right, [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

There was something there for everyone. I broke a rule too. Every interaction with animate, life breathing being is [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

A relationship then. I don’t consider myself to be a role model, nor a model citizen. Sin is not pushing the envelope, [whew, holding form he gazes]

It’s defecating in the envelope, sealing it and mailing it. He looked guilty, so I presumed his guilt. Marriage is a nice concept. [whew, ball bouncing onto green]

Jolly guys outside bar, animated, lively conversation, cheerful whooping, all seen from chair in a comfortably warm room [whew, ball soars into sky]

Eye opening morning, daisy dukes painted on gave way to smooth hickory legs, plump yet lithe, recall with miraculous clarity [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Sheeny stocking molded to her silky skin, every curve accentuated by sheen her declares as if it is a momentous epiphany [ whew, holding form he gazes]

Flair of her hips compressed into this itty bitty waistline, it was gorgeous I tell you, simply gorgeous; heels raised everything. [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

Carting catalog nationally, pushing product to the local retailers with our trio, find them grinding out gears on various makes [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

And models of automobile; accumulating gross profits which made the company take notice of our band or roving tourers [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Sipped some condensed milk, looked at vintage automobiles pondering his subdued view of things; only use high grade gas. [whew, ball soars out into blue]

Telephone whom? When was I to telephone them? I used to work on telephone for living? Back when I had an [whew, holding form he gazes]

Automobile, would I drive in to office everyday and work out others problems and conflicts over the phone [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

It was a gratifying, heartfelt job, I enjoyed solving dilemma’s and easing others mind’s some; it grew on me [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

Now I’m into personal computers and newsroom studios. Had keys for a minute. Back to the word processor, our study of [whew, ball soars into sky]

Its characters and infinite number of wild paradises waiting to be discovered within, present conditions of scarred [whew, soaring ball bounces onto fairway]

Wooden surface, grainy, stained yet sturdy. Currently nuclear warhead carrying test missles are being launched in an effort [whew, ball vanishes into blue]

To further nation technological advance, children dying, and adults being imprisoned. A draft could prove topical enough [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Transported and set free again up on some unsuspecting world. It was urgent, the actor was good enough to display urgency. [whew, holding form he gazes]

Can’t see me running into her binge drinking late night at one of the ritzy down town bars, so I’ll have to try a courtly approach [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

He looked out for us when it counted, in the beginning. The great hearted building owner allowed him time, and a chance, [whew, ball bouncing onto green]

To gain a foothold in the business world, by letting him slide, twenty dollars her fifty dollars there, he allows the tight [whew, holding form he gazes]

Budget to work its magic for long enough that corners no longer need cutting, it was difficult for a man [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

In spring time to over look her obvious ripeness, finally free of baby fat full of feminine curves and well stacked [whew, ball vanishes into blue]

Rolls of flesh, muscle sinew and deeply tanned skin cover by a silk dress. I’ll have a glass of milk and a slice of that [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

Delicious looking cherry pie right there. Is the Salisbury steak still on special? Word of mouth, radio ads, billboards and [whew, ball soars into sky]

Flyers did the trick, sealed the deal; his cup runneth over and he lay the credit, aimed the praise at his establishment’s [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

Another fulfilling run through some of the most opulent surroundings, always with a little time left over for a full [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Bodied beauty, always an emotional scene, immediately followed by a hot moment full of lust; then we return [whew, holding form he gazes]

Power windows, picture in picture, hidden features and bonus gifts, extra plush cushions, extra thick carpets, upsized [whew, ball bouncing onto green]

Fries and the deluxe version please, a classic sports station, a few forties texts; I don’t know some fifties radio spots, or [whew, ball soars into sky]

Several hundred sixties TV commercials, how about seventies variety shows, 80’s music videos, etc; cool autumn evening [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

Beatific glow set in, felt so serene within; late night skinny dipping felt so refreshing, magical afternoons often led to [whew, holding form he gazes]

Late nights, and unfortunately for him he cornered the rugged stage actor one night in a rain stained, broken glass strewn alley [whew, ball soars into sky]

But that night a late spring snow dumped on us, six inches of it fell overnight. I was forced to admit, I don’t think we’ll be in town before next week at the earliest. [whew, ball vanishes into blue]

Uncle Henry began with Samuel, and Brad was with them the next year. They did good fifteen circuits before Uncle Hen retired at sixty four. [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

Samuel and Brad picked up Hugo and did the circuit at least another thirteen times before going their separate ways. Samuel’s still doing the national circuit [whew, ball soars out into blue]

With a team of his own, last I heard Bradley’d drove deep inroads beyond the Canadian border and Hugo was finishing up [whew, holding form he gazes]

His second stint in Mexico, he’s considering a South American leg. Aaron Rale stole their car. It looks more like it will be next month. [whew, ball bouncing on green]

Lint balls clinging to a few split ends in his nappy hair, snot in corner of eye’s undisturbed and the white slobber mark on his cheek [whew, soaring ball vanishes into blue]

We turn our attention to ordering. I like going to the fights, but I’m a fight purist, bare knuckle not gloves. So you like the blood and [whew, ball soars out into blue]

Hanging meat aspect of the fight then, not the foot work, stance and technique of the participants, right? The gloves are more humane, [whew, soaring ball vanishes into blue]

Don’t get me wrong there is something innately barbaric about it, but there’s something timeless about bare knuckle brawlers. [whew, holding form he gazes]

So we’re going then? His parents owned a cattle ranch near here somewhere and I had never met any, so naturally I was interested. Real livestock, [whew, ball vanishes into blue]

Not pre-packaged in plastic and Styrofoam fresh from the butcher? On legs, walking and breathing still, hooves digging into soil, [whew, ball soars onto fairway]

Tail flapping, ears twitch flies away, jaws ever chewing? Roger Bradford, the makings, fresh daily, he felt that to be the healthiest choice, [whew, ball soars out into blue]

Hand selecting each ingredient, right over there. Now no longer around our showroom. He said they’d a couple of horses and a countryside, [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

And a killer view of the mountains; so we decided to make a pit stop. If I were you I’d get on the bandwagon now, [whew, ball bouncing on green]

You don’t want to wait until you start to lose customers to other businesses to switch; it may be too late by then. This is a major change in deliveries, [whew, ball soars into sky]

I will have to consult my partners first. I think I will be needing that paper work. You won’t regret your decision. [whew, ball soars onto fairway]

You can wrangle it out with your boys, but if I’re in your shoes, I’d be the one informing them of our significant boost in profit, [whew, ball soars out into blue]

Not be merely mentioning the possibility of it. We, my partners and I, all have equal voice in the business, it, action, goes by vote. [whew, holding form he gazes]

If one was near, we found it gladly. I consider the waitress bread-n-butter when it comes to discovering [whew, soaring ball bounces off placard]

Where a town’s money and business opportunity reside. Salvatore Knox, Marietta Gazarek, Evelyn Coombs. The driver inquires, wardrobe? [whew, soaring ball vanishes into blue]

Are we okay on dry cleaning? Charcoal gray is in need, says one in back. Beige needs dry cleaner, says passenger seat occupant. [whew, ball soars onto fairway]

Have either of you seen any good plays lately? I heard a few radio shows. I read a book. I miss plays, they’re the only thing we’re lacking [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

Out here in the interstitial zone; the fine arts, the story of man and his instrument, a story as old as the earth, the sky and the Gods, [whew, ball soars into sky]

The arts is. There’s boxing going on tonight, you guys up for ringside seats? Boxing, is that the one with Gloves? Yeah, with gloves is boxing, [whew, soaring ball bounds onto fairway]

Without gloves is pugilism. Pulled into parking lot near five thirty, had decided to call it a day. Exited car, wearily, stiffly, [whew, ball vanishes into blue]

Faces scrunching in discomfort and exertion. So we still have a gray and a drab brown, correct? Yes says one in reply, yeah says the other. [whew, rising ball disappears into sky]

The driver straightens tie, adjusting its knot and then checks his watch. Cruising along we see shacks, ramshackle apartments, tents and tee pee, [whew, ball soars out into the blue]

Houses, mansions, tall grass at side of road, flourishing foliage seemingly climbing out of forests. [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

We walked through door into restaurant. You could tell we were hurting when we hobbled through the entrance. Inside [whew, holding form he gazes]

The air was smoky like a lounge, pungent scents from the kitchen assault the senses, with a strong overtone of perfume; we sat at the table. [whew, holding form he gazes]

Late night in the swamp, navigating until dawn near which we’d find roadside motel. Round extra muddy bend car slides off road into muddy field ditch. [whew, ball soars out into the blue]
Three-parter, focus in and have rest of trip flash in as remembrance, eighties fuzzy crop borders around, and the flashback scene. [whew, arc of ball disappears into sky]

We approached a competitor to several of our already existing sign ups, he heard our spiel through once, and as we grinned, mouth watering in anticipation, [whew, holding form he gazes]

he went into his backroom and came out with a Mossberg pump. The first shot went into the roof as a warning. All the rest kept coming perilously close to biting into flesh. [whew, holding form he gazes]

peripheral residuals
Incremental repetition,
Highlights the spirit, or
Core of the individual.

his field of vision
Lessened as he aged,
Yet his narrative
Construction deepened.

I can imagine she filled up a bunch. I’ve learned not to ask that. I want to be around them a week later. Talk to two [whoosh, a tink]

People, both of them in desperate need. What are you going to do for your people? Everything you need gets filled up. [whoosh, a tink]

Sat all day in the emergency room. I don’t know what they were expecting from me. Kick their butts make them miserable [whoosh, a tink]

Put them in bondage. Struck it three times and stopped. And he’s done with…What are you doing? You do have a [whoosh, a tink]

Desperation and a need. If you want me to gather up all the needs I have. Like a pass through a wrestling room on the [whoosh, a tink]

Way to weight room. Hot heavy air smoldering in lungs, moistness searing breaths, hard to execute these deep chest labored [whoosh, a tink]

Breaths, the air has a physical presence, like backpack loaded with bricks on ones back. Kindling heat in atmosphere whether [whoosh, a tink]

Stumbling from shock of fetid air or if it was merely a product of edging, my hand slid greasily down the slimy wall. Or [whoosh, a tink]

My shoulders brushed the goo coated wall and a revulsion rooted in the pit of my stomach surfaced, the goo laden sweating [whoosh, a tink]

Walls and heavy air gave birth to a few people. The heavier air outside today felt a lot like that. It felt like that when I ran [whoosh, a tink]

Over to the restaurant to grab our pick up order, and it was even worse when I ran over to the butcher’s for tomorrow’s [whoosh, a tink]

Barbecue package…And I was…Was not…Could not take it any longer so I left. Something about this spontaneous [whoosh, a tink]

Fun poking, this impromptu roast reared its ugly head and he was out. Your dad works for my dad. No he doesn’t. Yes he [whoosh, a tink]

Does. Your dad supplies my dad. Oh. My dad keeps yours afloat. What? Not only does my dad make a living but he [whoosh, a tink]

Pools up enough extra to break your dad a percentage. And? And while my dad goes about advertising, and selling [whoosh, a tink]
Clients on the merit of each and every individual product separately, your dad waits for him to send orders of which [whoosh, a tink]

They split the profits. So my dad’s the parasite? They’re both parasites, really. But my dad holds patents on any and [whoosh, a tink]

Every product in the catalog, he has the upper hand. Which is why he gets a percent, but my dad created miracles with [whoosh, a tink]

You dad’s products. His work with demonstration of sample sizes is unmatched, impeccably immaculate. This may be [whoosh, a tink]

True but I lean toward patents, and the chemical formulas composing each which my dad learned from his father, my [whoosh, a tink]

Grandpa, who had learned these from his father, my father’s grandpa, and so on for two or three more generations. [whoosh, a tink]

My grandfather started our restaurant. Then how did you get to be salesmen? My father had brothers he left the business to. [whoosh, a tink]

We get fresh produce right outside the city, its shipped, their trucks come everyday. We didn’t used to be, but we have [whoosh, a tink]

Become, dependent of that bakery right around the corner. Our laundry is amazingly clean, and at an even more [whoosh, a tink]

Amazingly low price. Clumsy kitchen help cost us a fortune. My father took on one full time assistant in charge of [whoosh, a tink]

Scouting out more possible sales, and one part time guy to go out on these potential deal making visits. Both men [whoosh, a tink]

Needed to be fully versed in the art of salesmanship and conversational steerer, self motivated and green eyed like [whoosh, a tink]

Medusa of course. So he gave up the life scheduling chef, allotting hours to cooks, dishwashers, busboys and girls [whoosh, a tink]

Waitresses, waiters and hostesses, to take to the road and solicit businesses which had a need he could meet for a [whoosh, a tink]

Far less expensive rate. No mo’ reservations, no mo’ walk ins and that supply truck that shows Mondays and Thursdays [whoosh, a tink]

Can kiss my…Little did he know, he’s soon be coordinating orders large enough to fill that supply truck and several [whoosh, a tink]

Just like it. He took to the road.

New sales agreement, whitening liquid, piney scented floor and wall cleaner, replacement shoelaces a symbol of our ascent. [whoosh, a tink]

Rooms in roadside motels. We were to be found in bed. Figure it out. Arrived during first quarter of freshman year, owned a car lot, [whoosh, a tink]

Cabs passing by. Mailbox on corner. Try the coffee shop. Next door to it is a laundry. A pharmacy. Only connoisseurs [whoosh,a tink]

Like yourselves. Owns dang near the whole town. His slaughter yard, general store, the town’s hotel and diner. [whoosh, a tink]

He went to school to become, on the west coast at a trolley stop? Helps their perception of the term, when I say [whoosh, a tink]

A narrative harboring continuity during debate significance, to the story; what the characters said. [whoosh, a tink]

What’ll ya have, beer or whiskey? Meat loaf with barbecue sauce, back by the dart board. Fine tuned machine [whoosh, a tink]

Out here refusing to conform. Is it subliminal or subconscious? My pack of chewing gum. Gentlemen [whoosh, a tink]

Insist on cigars. The standard twenty. A few minutes ago you said, I enjoy a good mystery. You could say we are. [whoosh, a tink]

Are they not? Left a warm mattress, wearying search for wealth and lovely percentage layers. Are you [whoosh, a tink]

Serious about this? The cleaning supplies are the focus, and he should be up, working second shift. She asks one of [whoosh, a tink]

The doctors…, but those paychecks. Smoky, like a lounge, our calling card, our percentages. The one who [whoosh, a tink]

Threw back…, crusade to save him? Carrying his black bag, what can I get you? Black Jack table, work gloves [whoosh, a tink]

And shaving razors. Roll the dice? Local bookies? Towns, big cities, odd angle and this loose fitting leather jacket. [whoosh, a tink]

I looked back on his redemption and saw it all, I swore I could see the exact moment of his salvation; yes, I took comfort in knowing that [whoosh, a tink]

In knowing that his loneliness, his struggle with being alone was not in vain, was noticed, witnessed and learned from, by at least me and others [whoosh, a tink]

Still, we all feel the sorrow, felt the void emerge like cold bare slate, nestled under our prone bodies drains our very life, leaving us shivering [whoosh, a tink]

Cling to the very heat of the life vapors, so rapidly escaping these bared ribs and thick rugged flesh; what a relief to feel the covers and mattress [whoosh, a tink]

Climb up around, surrounding me as I slide downward into the depths of sleep, down into the inner workings of suffering, into the area where what can be [whoosh, a tink]

Heard is unreal, or at least not sanely comprehendable, least not as far as the human mind is concerned; see, without guidance all would amount [whoosh, a tink]

To a swing, reaction, a well engrained response I’m responsible for maintaining is how I see it, and so I made my decision to merely observe [whoosh, a tink]

I won’t interfere. I won’t document. I won’t even consider self defense; for it seems protection is unnecessary, unlikely, he says we’ll ever need it [whoosh, a tink]

It should have set off bells, enraged lungs to whistle and holler voices raised to high pitch, yet instead the danger passed by relatively unnoticed [whoosh, a tink]

Only to re-emerge as fruition in the face of courage, striking down those it could and scarring many others. Vicious, calculating, unimaginable and low down [whoosh, a tink]

No wonder we’ve lived in fear to this day of detection, isolation and exposure; it’s a miracle we’ve not done more to pre-emptively end this conflict [whoosh, a tink]

This war, so that peace could be ushered in, not on a part time basis but permanently, as a way of life, a state of being; peace as something more than [whoosh, a tink]

An abstract concept, a distant yet glimmering remnant of an institution, one filled by nature with turmoil, and confusion and outright rage [whoosh, a tink]

Yet don’t let it overwhelm you, suck you under its deep aquatic veil, take a rest instead, re-charge, look out beyond the dark eyed insomniacs [whoosh, a tink]

Look passed your own weariness into a think much deeper, more relevant, and utterly compelling in the way it unfurls the struggles of those who chose [whoosh, a tink]

Bushy armpits, hailed a cab. From the building’s roof see across the city to the bridge. Waterfront, [whoosh, a tink]

A suitable place to raise children? A few short hours, endless list of possibilities; the subsequent bump in net profit [whoosh, a tink]

This’s your general store? Our corporations catalog, now we scour small towns and she gets us there and then some. [whoosh, a tink]

Fix a flat, he had it down pat. A dawn hanging, a chilling way to wake to the world; sound of the trap door [whoosh, a tink]

Falling away, creaking and swaying. Complete both meetings, binge drink over at the bar; the shooting, outside the saloon. [whoosh, a tink]

The silver crank handle on a futuristic relic humming miles away; ice cream parlor rather elicit propositions. West coast leg [whoosh, a tink]

Our tour. Is delivery reliable? We cover most anything and everything. Dusty roads with gravel it is in the air. [whoosh, a tink]

A thousand miles away, met by a limousine. During the summer months he ran the nursery, petting zoo, fruit orchard and in ho [whoosh, a tink]

Summer months his fresh produce stand, every June like clockwork. Green fields of the earth, his bumper sticker [whoosh, a tink]

He maneuvered his life. Stage coach travel, hotel is canvass. Ice encrusted mountains, dusty desert roads and [whoosh, a tink]

On through swampy marsh trails; this is what it takes. Arrival at work, look to sky. Look to sky, trim it [whoosh, a tink]

Down right, stir fry sized steak chunks. An accurate chopper on an efficiency kick; our morning deliveries, on it [whoosh, a tink]

Like a motor cycle. Meals are eaten and rests taken. Didn’t use twist ties, dog eared the corners. Was the fridge totally [whoosh, a tink]

Emptied? All mopped up and ready. Did you pack a lunch? Rootbeer, sudsy on wheels, the butcher shop. Better part of the [whoosh, a tink]

On bus looking out window [whoosh, a tink]

At unfamiliar city scape sliding by on other side of glass, cabs, cars, semi-trucks, other buses, dump trucks, garbage trucks, pick up trucks [whoosh, a tink]

SUV's and pedestrians follow the signal lights and swirl around in streets and on sidewalks. Rides to courthouse, air breaks release doors, she steps out [whoosh, a tink]

Into cool autumn air, momentarily blinded by the sunlight filtering through red and orange leaves. She prays for Ilhelm. [whoosh, a tink]

Sam has a reggae band, he plays guitar for a fusion jazz quartet and he does the percussion tracks for a rap label [whoosh, a tink]

But he does love a good jam session, anytime. He plays drums when he has to, strums electric bass when he can [whoosh, a tink]

Skyscraper, deal with soul preserved in portrait, lovers whose family’s [whoosh, a tink]

Are sworn enemies, the opera. Or a kitten, a puppy and a new car [whoosh, a tink]

Was it a new video game system, or the shark cakes that brought [whoosh, a tink]

Tears to my eyes, alligator barbecue going on next door smells [whoosh, a tink]

Her perfume made my mouth water, you could nearly taste the musk melon [whoosh, a tink]

New girl next door, the new girl at the gym or the girl in the park’s legs [whoosh, a tink]

Quick, impromptu cons supplied most of his groups funds, every now and [whoosh, a tink]

Again they’re forced into a robbery, and even fewer times yet, to cold [whoosh, a tink]

Blooded murder, he said he needed help, we didn’t have time to stay and [whoosh, a tink]

Help him load his trucks, I would, and do suppose he’s still entrenched in need [whoosh, a tink]

Refreshing take on glass of vodka on the rocks, invigorating morning stroll [whoosh, a tink]

Later and my mind is clear, re-focused on ways to improve upon my healthy [whoosh, a tink]

Lifestyle, things like safety in numbers, or practicing call when you get there [whoosh, a tink]

And is most certainly a safety girl, young, alone in the world staying afloat? [whoosh, a tink]

A spectacular affair, dreamy look in eye, smile was cotton candy coochie sweet, [whoosh, a tink]
Sweet like three pounds of sugar in a glass of Kool-Aid, in the elegant dress [whoosh, a tink]

Speaking in that enrapturing, astoundingly melodic voice of hers [whoosh, a tink]

We have ended our season same as last year. He blew his horn as if it were [whoosh, a tink]

An extension of his spine, with the notes he chose and struck minds were transfixed [whoosh, a tink]

She was a most curious girl, and after awhile I began to see the humor in all [whoosh, a tink]

The skeletons which kept toppling head over heels out of the closet, like some strange [whoosh, a tink]

Folklore of the pied piper playing for those few, enchanted souls led by the [whoosh, a tink]
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