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by AngieW
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #1074827
An example of what depression can do.

Why do they always treat me so bad,
when all I do is care.
I beg and plead "just please be good"
but still I get nowhere.

Why when I talk they just carry on,
as if I am not even there.
I swear I always do my best,
it really is so unfair.

Why when I give them all I have,
they still want to break my heart.
I love them more then life itself,
but their tearing me apart.

Why did I think I was a good mum to them,
learning them everything thats right.
I say "I love you" every day,
but still all we do is fight.

Why am I blaming my wonderful kids,
it's not their fault it is mine.
I need to be a happier mum,
then I know that all will be fine.
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