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by segue
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Comedy · #1080681
Short comedy script about a cookie, and the desire of a man.
Short comedy script for the Eclectic Podcast, aired by 12th Street Productions, on the web at http://www.geocities.com/eclecticpodcast/, or go straight to the finished product at http://www.archive.org/details/StacieThompsonCookieCleavage.
Scene: Round-table get-together, discussing everyday things between 5-7 people.


The people around the table are talking about current and the latest movies. They might even be the 12th Street Regulars going over the latest shoot. They are dressed casually. Woman #1 is wearing a shirt that is low-cut, enough to show the flesh on the top of her breasts. On the table is an assortment of papers, electronic devices, magazines, drinks and chocolate chip cookies. Almost everyone is eating the cookies, at least a man and a woman. as they enjoy the cookies, the conversations between the people continues.

                                       Man #1
                   Hm, these cookies are soooo good.

Man #1 finishes his cookie.

Woman #1 has a fresh cookie, and takes a bite out of it. A piece of the cookie, roughly the size of a quarter, falls away from the rest and lands ontop of one of her breasts. She does not notice, but Man #1 does.

Man #1 stares relentlessly at the bit of cookie. No one else pays attention, going on about their talk. Man cannot keep eyes off of the rising and lowering large cookie crumb. He nervously looks at everyone else, wondering if they see it, or him, acting strangely. He starts to sweat, and begins to lick his now drying lips.

The cookie continues to move up and down with the breathing of Woman #1. Man #1's stare is strong and unbreakable. His focus is sharp and concentrated. His mind blocks out all sound and activity. It would seem that the convergence of two important items in this man's life has created a vortex pulling him in deeper into its Eden. His eyes dart a little, and sweat begins to roll.

The fingers of Man #1 tremble, and his eyes twitch. The voices around him become muffled like distant sounds. Do they push him to act, or is it himself that has the urge? He drools ever so slightly. He heeds to his desire.

Launching himself forward, and half of his body across the table, he growls like an animal. His parched mouth lands on the cookie. Shocked, his peers are gape-mouthed, while the woman lets out a yelp.

Woman #1 pushes Man #1 away.

Man #1 sits back down, savoring the delight.

                                       Man #1
                   Hm, hm-mmm. Mmm!

The 'audience' around him is dumb-founded. He is perplexed. To him, it was just a cookie, and according to the five-second rule, it was open season.

                                       Man #1

The only response is from the accosted woman.

                                       Woman #1



Filmed 3/12/06.
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