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all the girls are going to the beach with no boys, but they guys have other ideas. (gts)
Free boobs. A sonic story.

All the girls (Amy, rogue, sally, Bunnie and cream) had decided to go to the beach and had made a big thing about it, and had hinted rather heavily, if not forcefully, that no guy's were to come.

This in itself wouldn’t have mattered if it weren’t for the shere number of times and the length of time over which this happened. After a solid week of this, both Tails and Sonic were fed up to the back teeth with it, and decided they'd crash there little beach party.

Locking themselves in Tails laboratory (while the girls were otherwise occupied) they began to scheme. Or rather Tails already knew, sonic just needed to be told.

Tails dug out a machine he'd been wanting to test for ages. It looked like a rather chunky non flip palm top, only about 3 times the size in all directions.

"What is it Tails?"
"Aside form a way to get our own back?"
"Yeah, aside from that."
"It's a nano technology device. all we've got to do is get the girls to eat just the tiniest amount of nano's and we'll be able to make them do stuff they wouldn’t normally dream of doing."
"What you mean against there will?"
"Good lord no, that would be evil. but we can give them strong suggestions or urges. You see the nano's can be used to do any number of things once there within an organic system."
"so what's you're plan Tails?"

"We feed them the nano's in there drinks tonight, and tomorrow when they go to the beach we'll follow them, and at a time of our choosing we'll upload a program to there nano's, so that when they get dressed to come home they forget to put anything on."

"You mean were going to make them come home naked? Ahh that's way past cool... but not cream though, that would be way un-cool."
"Oh no, we can do something else with her... if we feel like it of cores. but it'll be best to get her to eat some nanites anyway... just incase."

sonic pricked his ear.
"oh shit, there soap's finished. you stay here and work on the... whatever it is you need to work on, and I’ll go distract them."
Tails nodded and sonic left the room in a cloud of smoke.

It didn’t take Tails long to set up a basic program for the nano's. All he had to do was add appropriate code to make them only affect girls and ignore humans. Next he put in code so that they would accept upgrades, but only from his console.

He uploaded the code into a couple of cubes of nano's and hiding the control pad left the room. it would be so easy to slip them the nano's. All he'd have to do after that would be to right some code to alter the levels of a few hormones and they'd be laughing.

The next day the girls climbed in the car, Amy and rogue continuing to rub the no guy's bit in there faces right up till they drove off. leaving, or so they thought, Tails and sonic behind.

No sooner were they out of sight sonic nipped into Tails room, got the control panel and speed off with Tails in hand after the girls.

when they reached the beach they watched as Amy, Bunnie, rogue cream and Sally climbed out of the car and grabbed there stuff out of the boot while sniggering from inside a rather large and conveniently placed bush. They both watched as they walked down the steps onto the beach and made there way through the sparse crowd to the middle of the beach. Where they put down there stuff and began to spread out there towels.

Sonic took out a pair of binoculars from his backpack and looking down them he watched as Amy put a towel around her entire upper body and started shimmying off her clothes from beneath it.

"Tails, get ready with Amy, she's getting undressed."
First her knickers fell down and she kicked them away, then her skirt. "Wait for it..."
Amy then bent over and removed a two piece from her bag and started putting on the bottom.
"Wait for it, she hasn’t removed her top yet."
after shimmying on her bikini bottom she started to fiddle with her top. Sonic glanced around the others quickly. Cream was already changed. Didn’t matter, she wasn’t a target. Sally was still setting things up, and rogue. well she was trying to figure out the umbrella and Bunnie? Well Bunnie was busy making sure her legs had been properly wrapped in plastic bags to make them sand proof.

He looked back at Amy. She was struggling with her top. it was nearly over her head then pop it was off and in the bag.
"Not yet, she's still got her bra on."

Amy reached down between her breasts, but then stopped and looked up... she was looking at rogue.
"Ahh man, she's gonna help rogue now."
And so she did. She walked up to rogue, took the brolly and with one movement flipped it open and in another smashed it into the ground.

Rogue then seemed to be thanking her and then went over to sally.
"Yes, she's going to do it. as soon as the brah comes off trigger Amy."
But Amy seemed to be having trouble. She looked around her and shrugging she flicked off the towel and right in front of everyone removed her bra, revealing her breasts to the world.

"Wow, did you trigger that?"
Sonic looked at Tails. "But she just went topless. Are you sure?"
Sonic looked down the binoculars again.
"Should I trigger her nanites?" Tails asked
"No need, she's just wandering around topless of her own accord. Look she's following cream to the sea."

Sonic handed the binoculars to Tails and pointed her out.
"Caw she is too."
"Yeah, no point triggering her yet, she might go all funny and alert the others."
"Speaking of which Sally's helping rogue remove her clothes."
"What were? Let me see."
"No way, you watched Amy, it's my turn."
"Oh alright."
Sonic took the control panel
"Just tell me when to trigger rogue then."

Tails enjoyed watching rogue change. She didn’t even bother with a towel. Once sally undid whatever she undid on rogues back rogue stretched her wings forward and she pulled her suit over them.

Once her suit was free from her wings she simply folded them behind her back. She then bent over, removed her shoes and pealed off her garment. Leaving her standing there in nothing but her bra and knickers. Tails watched in awe as she casually removed both right in front of him before turning round to face sally. Affording Tails a full frontal view of Rogues ample and bare breasts.

"If this keeps up were going to have to think of another plan."
"If what keeps up?"
Tails didn’t say anything because at that moment sally was casually removing both her boots and vest.
"Ahh nice, now if only..."
Tails panned over slightly. Bunnie was right in the middle of removing her one piece. Already one of her ample boobs was hanging out in the open air. She folded the other cup down and her other boob popped out. after that it simply fell down to her waist, where she undid some clips and it was off. they were all naked or topless.

Apart from cream the only garments being warn were over Bunnies robotic limbs or Amy's crotch. Tails watched open mouthed as they went around there busness completely topless. Finally, when nothing but sitting and talking seemed to be happening Tails put down the binoculars.

"Wow. That worked well."
"But I didn’t press anything."
Tails took the console and handed sonic the binoculars.
"Caw there all topless"
"And we didn’t do a thing." Tails said
"Should we trigger the program anyway?"
"What’s the point? any program is by default set to only last 48 hours before it resets things to the way they were found. the longer we wait the more boob we'll see."
"So we'll just wait till there getting ready to go. I can’t believe were going to get 3 whole days of free boobies."

However after a while just looking down at the group just sitting there doing nothing began to get old real fast.
"uuuuggggg. I'm board. There not doing anything. surely there's something we can do."
"Well in theory I can run any number of programs simultaniously."
Suddenly there was exitement in the air.
"Like what?"
"Anything. so long as it's not too complicated, like altering the brain for example, then I can do it. Hell I could even turn them into guy's if I wanted."
"So if I asked you to make there boobs bigger?"
"Oh easy. Just a matter of programming it in and within minuits they'll have as much boob as we want."
"Do it. Well make this the best day ever."

sonic looked down the binoculars.
"How long will it take?"
"Just a few minuets actually."

A few minuets later.

"There, I've modified the program. All I need to do to change any aspect of there bodies, is to change any of the many variables within the program."
"Like what?"
"Think of something and I can change it. We can even decide weather they notice it or not. Well they will notice, they just wont realize it's out of the ordinary."
"Nice one little buddy."
Sonic looked through the binoculars.
"Now then? Whose boobs do we inflate first?"
"Sally. I've always wondered what she'd look like with a chest"
"Yeah, I've got a good view of her... Uploading program now."

Tails pushed the button.
"Ok. Everyone’s got a copy of the program. I'm going to set them to... not notice... and sally... is now going to become a double D."
He clicked the button again.
"Ahh nothings happening... no... oh my god I don’t believe my eye's... sally's chest... it's just growing bigger right in front of my hedgehog eyes."

And they were. Unbeknown to her the nanites within her system were actively seeking out biological material from her vicinity and conveying it to her boobs. Which now supplied with ample material and energy, were growing at a truly incredible rate. Within moments her breasts doubled in size. Growing more in mere seconds than they had during her entire life, and they didn’t stop. They continued to grow. Where as before she'd only had a shapely protrusion on her chest. Her boobs now had shape, and for the first time cast a shadow over her chest.

Soon they began to be influenced by there increasing weight and began to curve down, and yet despite this not one of the group even flagged this within there minds as out of the ordinary, but it was as Tails had said, noticed. by the time they had finished growing they were as large as Bunnie or rogues. and they merrily pointed this out and laughed lightly amongst themselves, saying it was about time.

Meanwhile back up top

"Tails that was way past cool. I mean ultra sonic way past cool. Who shall we do next? How about Amy, she's got pretty small knockers. Now where is she? Ahh there she is, being berried by cream... oh look cream's just starting on the boobs. Quick Tails, make sure that doesn’t notice patch is uploaded to cream as well then upgrade Amy's bra size."
Tails tapped some buttons and then said. "My turn with the binoculars."
"Ok fine, there over there near to the really fat couple."
"Ahh I see em. Hit the red button."

Sonic hit the red button and Tails watched in glee what unfolded below.

Cream had nearly finished burying Amy in sand and she was just finishing patting the sand over Amy's boobs.
"There," she said "done."
Amy craned here head up to look down at her buried self with some effort and wiggled her toe. Making it emerge from the sand in the process.
"Ahh, now I'm going to have to burry it again."

but while Cream was busy burying Amy's toe, The nanites within Amy had sprung into action, and found ample supply of excess bio matter not too far from her.

By the time Cream had finished burying Amy's toe again the flood of bio matter was on its way and being moved to Amy's breasts, and slowly but surely they began to grow beneath the sand.

Cracks began to form in the sand with each breath, but they weren’t closing up any more. the cracks continued to expand, getting wider and wider as Amy's growing breasts pushed there way through. at first Cream was able to keep up, but as Amy's breasts grew larger and faster she found herself unable to shovel sand fast enough. soon Amy's breasts were overflowing there sandy hole, pushing out in all directions. Her nipples popping out the top like twin volcano's that kept on growing. Cream had now given up covering Amy's breasts and was just sitting and watching, somehow blissfully unaware that it was unusual. Infect using her hands she brushed off the sand from there tops and from between them. Which had just become more difficult because they were starting to collide. By the time cream was finished brushing off the sand they were just half a size smaller than the other girl's.

"Amy, you're getting bigger than Bunnie." cream said innocently.
Amy craned her head up to look down at her growing mounds. Indeed she was. They had reached Bunnies slightly larger than double D and were still growing.

"Oh, so I am."
She then put her head back down, and reached out her hands to feel her enlarging bosom.
"Do they feel as nice as they look?"
Amy's eyes were closed and she hummed Cream a yes.

And still they were growing bigger. They continued to grow until they were nearly half as large again as the rest of the girls. When she returned to them supporting her massively enlarged bosom they were suitably annoyed, but not at all surprised.

back up in there bush Tails had thoroughly enjoyed the show and with a big smile on his face he passed the binoculars over to Sonic.
"Now that was fun."
"Wow... how big did you make her?"
"I'll take a look." Tails took the control panel from sonic and looked at the display.
"Hmm, she seems to have overshot the mark... she's only supposed to be a double D like Sally I could correct it. But..." he looked down at the girls
"I don’t think I'll bother."

Sonic looked around the beach through the binoculars. "I could have swarm that fat guy was bigger than his wife last time I looked... nahh, not important. The question is... What next? Oh look, sally's about to wade out into the sea for a swim... oh I've just had a way past cool idea. Can that thing make people bigger?"

"Yes, why?"
"Then get coding, I want Sally to grow bigger the further out she goes and shrink when she comes back." Sonic put down the binoculars and looked at Tails.
"It's going to be so funny. She'll think there isn’t enough water to swim in, but Amy and rogue have already been in. Man It'll be such a weez."
Without more than a moments thought Tails got coding like crazy. His fingers were a virtual blur as he quickly thrummed out the program there and then, before hitting the red button.

"There. If the water goes above her shin she'll grow, if it goes below she'll shrink until till she reaches normal height... but I don’t know how big she'll be able to grow. I don’t know how much bio matter will be going spare down there."

But Tails didn’t have to worry. With access to the sea the nanites were able to search exponentially further for material, and by the time Sally's shin hit the water the bio material was already on its way.

With her first step she went down to her knee and then on her second she found the water back down to shin level. The disorientation was instant and unavoidably confusing. As judging by the relative position of her feet, the ground was sloping downwards. but surely that couldn’t be. She’d just stepped in up to her knee and then down the slope up to her shin. Surely the water level should be deeper, not shallower.

She looked down at her feet and prodded around the floor. It really didn’t make since, but after a while she felt like she should ignore it, so she took another step forwards. She went up to her knee again, but the sea level just seemed to disappear back down to shin level again.

Again she prodded at the ground, but could find nothing wrong with it. Shrugging her shoulders she strode forwards and this time the water drop was considerably less. She took another step, then another and another and another. She was walking out to sea, each step taking her a greater and greater distance from the shore and each step took her deeper and as a consequence she became bigger. And the bigger she got the further the nano's could search for supplies.

At first Tails and sonic had laughed and laughed, but now Sally was getting almost too far away to see, but she was now so big she looked proportion wise as if she was standing right in front of them. And still she kept on walking and disappearing into the blue fog of distance. just before she disappeared through the fog of the atmosphere and beyond the range of sight she looked like... if her legs had stopped at the ground at there feet, rather than the horizon she would have been one and a half times there size.

it only took one step for her body to dissapear from sight, leaving only her tail and her left leg visible as blue shapes on the horrizon... shapes which grew larger and higher even before her foot raised out of the water, with what looked like the vertical streeks of rain falling from far off clouds below it as she stepped forwards and out of sight... her heel the last thing to dissapear.

"My god, how big IS"she?
"I-I have n-no i-idea. But if I had to guess I'd say we were smaller than her smallest toe nail."
"For fuck sakes Tails, you've got to do something."
Tails turned to sonic
"Like what? I tried to correct her programming when she starting looking bigger than our hands. She was well out of range even by then."
"So what do we do?"
"Do? We hope she comes back. She’s only going to be gigantic while she's at sea."
"But where on earth did she get all that..." Sonic gestures with his hands the general shape of a woman, and then the universal gesture for height (one hand held flat to the floor, and moved in an upwards direction) "body" he finnished.
"Well there are deep sea trench systems out here where there's a massive abundance of bio matter, entire eco systems have evolved around the seasonal currents which bring just the smallest fraction of it to the surface. I can only guess that the nano's have tapped into one of them... maybe more than one... they may even be tapping into oil reserves or something below ground... at this stage I can only guess."

Far out to sea a few gigantic steps beyond the sight of the beach, Sally was still shin deep, but her attention was no longer on the sea level. it was on the bizarre scale of the world around her. even though she hadn’t got any buildings to go buy. Chugging away just in front of her feet were a row of intricate looking cargo ships the size of a few match’s glued together on a sea as flat as a pancake, exempt for the huge waves her town sized feet were making as they ploughed through the sea.
Tehy were only stopped from becoming tsunami’s only by the ever vigilant nanite's. (Tails has programmed the safety features well)

As she looked around she noticed more and more little and definite differences about the world. Her shadow was a solid black outline on the sea. And when she scooped up a handful of sea water and let it drop from head height it went down ever so slowly. Taking countable seconds rather than an instant to reach the ground level... and even when it did reach ground level it did so as a mist rather than a flow of water. A formation of dot sized birds flew between her legs and looking up.

Well wow. The clouds. The clouds were so small and close.

Reaching up just a little (to her) above her head she scooped a chunk out of the clouds and brought it to her face.

"I always wondered what clouds were like." she said it quiately, but the sound of her voice was so loud it regestered on richter scale.
She sniffed the air in her hand and in one puff the cloud was gone, sucked up Sally's enormous nose, never to return.
"Smells wet, and fresh."

Looking down she carefully raised her foot out of the water. Giving ample time for the water to drain off it she stepped carefully over the row of ships, which then seemed to get smaller the moment she put her foot down.

She looked up at the clouds, they were closer. She could, if she wanted simply jump and put her head through the clouds. For a moment she was severely tempted, but one look down at the ships made her change her mind. 'God only knows what would happen if I jumped while being this big.' She thought to herself. There was something in that internal sentence she liked the sound of. it made her feel free... free and powerful... so she thought it again 'Big'... just thinking it felt good, so she thought it again in capital letters as she carefully took another step over the ships 'I'm Big' and with the matchstick ships floating onwards bewean her legs she put her foot down into the sea and she felt her ears tickle something cool and wet.

without moving her head she glanced up.
"Oh wow, the clouds are tickling my ears."
And before she knew it she had stepped over the ships and was running along through the water for joy, the cloud level dropping rapidly until with one step she fell through the water up to her nose, before shooting up through the air like a rocket. She shot up through the clouds, air rushing past her rapidly growing body. She yelled with ecstasy as cloud layer after cloud layer rushed past her. In one step she had found the deepest part of the entire ocean. The thrill of the growth spurt took her breath away. It was truly incredible. Breathing heavily and happily sally looked down at herself. She was now so tall that the tallest layer of cloud was hugging around below her knees.

She waved her legs from side to side, thoroughly enjoying the swirling patterns she was creating in the clouds. It was then she realized that with her increased size her senses had become infinitely more acute. Her eyes were picking out detail on objects hundreds of miles away down at her knees that she could have barely seen before even up close and personal. her fur was responding and relaying messages of every miniscule gust of wind and her ears were picking up sound's she'd never even dreamt of before. Spreading her arms wide she cried to the world "This is friggin fantastic!" and believe me the world heard it, and glass makers the world over heard the sound of money.

Swinging her limbs around her she reveled in the power and precision of her body. The reason for her new found senses was that although she was unimaginably huge, her cells weren’t. All her sensory organs had maintained the same density of sensory cells. Only now even the smallest of her sensations was being picked up by more sensors than Sally had just minuets ago had cells in her entire body. every sensation was new and potent. She could even feel the closing of her eyelids.

After hours and hours of exploring every sensation of her body she could think of she found little to do. so after doing it all again a couple of times she listened carefully and easily picked out the direction of home. she was about to head in that direction when she suddenly though.
"Hang on a mo. If all my senses are now super sensitive to the extreme, then what about..."
She looked down the length of her body, casting most of into solid shadow, which she could only see though due to the immense size of her eye's.

She took one step forwards, and she began to shrink. She quickly took one step back and grew back up to her biggest size once more.
She looked around.
"Well, I can’t see anyone."
She then gave a single snigger
"Well there probably smaller than a grain of sand to me now anyway."
She looked back down the length of her body.
"Well if I'm right it'll never get more intense than it will be right now."

She reached a hand down, then quickly drew it away.
"But If I do that, then nothing will possibly compare."
She looked down again.
"Ahh to hell with it. Who’s going to stop me? I might never be this big again."

Sally reached down her hand and touched the lips of her crotch.

The instant wave of pleasure was indescribable.
"oh wow, if just touching is like that... what must the full thing be like?"

And without thinking Sally sat down, going as fast as gravity would allow, making her descent take ages.

It took almost a whole minuet for her huge bulk to make it safely down to the floor. The sheer volume of water she shifted in placing her enormous rear on the sea bed caused the worlds tide to rise by a whole inches. Blissfully unaware of this Sally playfully thrashed her tail through the water like it was cutting through air, causing huge localized swells that rose higher than multistory car parks. Waves which thrashed around sally's tummy as if they were ripples no larger than a millimeter. She occupied herself for many a happy moment playing with this apparently wired flowing liquid before she remembered why she had sat down in the first place. After having causing a shockwave to brush playfully against her most sensitive region, with rather pleasurable results.

She replicated this sensation a couple more times before she made physical contact with herself.

The sensation of touch itself was incredible. Beyond any orgasm she'd experienced in itself.

She played her finger around her lips for a while, going all misty eyed and breathing deeply, sucking in the layers of cloud that hovered around her breasts, before going for the full plunge.

It is impossible to put into words the sheer pleasure and intensity of what she experienced in that moment, and the moments that followed, exempt to say that it blew her mind. Which was why she felt fulfilled after just a few moments. Although they felt more like an eternity.

Sally leant back on her elbows, causing yet another tidal rise.
"Oh my, that was truly awesome." she said between hefty gasps of breath that created and destroyed there own cloud formations upon leaving or entering her mouth.

By the time the ground started to be cast in shadow (while sally still way up high was still bathed in sunlight) she decided it was time to head back for the beach. With each step she grew smaller and smaller. it was a bizarre experience now she was aware of the passing of the size she had had just moments before.
Soon the beach came into view. There didn’t seem to be too many people near the seas edge. Which to her still rather capable eye's at this point seemed to be a bit wet... all the way up.

By the time the sea side had double in size since coming into view through the mists of distance she twigged. oh my. "I hope I didn’t cause that." but the closer she got the more she realized that yes she had. her immense body mass being sat right down in the sea. How many millions or trillions of gallons had she displaced in that one act?

She deliberately took as large a steps as possible to speed her movement towards the beach as her size began to dwindle to more sane proportions. Her mass being distributed back into the sea from whence it came as she went, restoring the eco system before it had a chance to collapse. (thankfully)

Stepping out of the sea she trod onto wet sand and made her way up the wet and empty beach. By the time she reached the sea walls she realized that everyone on top of them was looking down at her. Looking rather miffed, and rather wet.

As she climbed the still sopping wet steps, she saw in the middle of the crowd (that was still looking at her) she saw the girls. Trying to ignore the constant stares she walked up to her gang. which she then noticed were also rather wet, and holding captive, a blue hedgehog and an orange two tailed fox.

"Sally thank goodness you're ok" Bunnie said.
"Yes... I'm fine. Why wouldn’t I be?"
"We couldn’t find you. You disappeared. We were just starting to look for you when the swell came. The water level just shot up. Within moments we were
Swimming for the sea defenses. When you didn’t come to shore, we thought you'd drowned, along with everyone's belongings." she looked down at the boys.
"Then we discovered them."
She then lent forwards and whispered to sally what they'd done.

"They did what?"
"For god sakes sally shhhhh." she lent forwards and whispered
"Have you any idea how just much we could get clobbered for if people find out we were responsible for the floods?"
"look, were all here now and I say we go home right this instant. clothes or no clothes."
rogue and Amy heartily agreed. and they headed for the car.

but while they were getting in sally pulled Tails's arm to stop him getting in, so she could whisper in his ear.

"Save that program. I may want to use it again."

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