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Dependable Creation
Spring Is Coming.

The peach trees are pink at our place. The pines are displaying their sexuality. A dusting of mustard green pollen makes it a great time for finger writing. Winter is winding down. The weather was near freezing only a few days ago. It was raining and miserable all over. I could not get excited about any outside activity, but today, I saw robins vying with the earth for the worms in our yard. The sun is shining. The azaleas are budding. The woods have a faint green tint. Soon the naked branches will be covered with fresh new clothes as nature starts over again.

When I see the beginnings of a new botanical cycle, my mind is nurtured by the weathered knowledge that good times are on the way. I wish I could understand the goings on of nature, I do not, but I know, for sure, that spring is coming; it is not far from here now. It has followed winter as long as I can remember, and I will expect it as long as I remain. There seems to be an inherent sense that makes springtime special. I feel drawn to dig into the earth and be a part of the new awakening. When dry seeds sprout, my faith in the miracle of creation is renewed again.

At a time, when global catastrophes happen all too often, when people and relationships alter their course without forewarning, and when the landscape constantly changes to accommodate the newest progress, I look for some predictability in the events that affect my stay here. I don’t always find it in the consequences of human choice, so I look for it in the physical laws of the universe.

I am so pleased with the world that God built, and I feel secure in His omnipotence. Spring is coming, and I will depend on it.
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