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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Romance/Love · #1088851
SOmething for my highschool Drama club. A play in a uniqe format
Chapter One


Greg: I told you Calla im not going to stop until im sure they know how this play is going to be run!
Calla: And how exactly is this play to be run?

Calla crossed her arms and looked at her brother. The thought of having one sibling star in a play and the other sibling direct it some what disturbed the other cast members-no disturb isnt the word, the were terrified of the idea.

Greg:With grace integrety and absoluty no resitance!
Calla: Is that so?

He was doing it again! He'd promised her he would do it! Once again the older brother was asserting dominance over a family affair..

Calla: Hows this for resitance? This play sucks!

Calla stormed off the stage and grabbed a vase off the table and dropped it without much emotion in her face or her voice as she said.

Calla: Well then it to be run without me!
CAlla wasnt being as unreasonable as she seemed. After all Greg had left no detail un fretted with. Calla's beautiful play had been ruined by her brother's particular, demanding and dictator-ish tenencies.

Calla: How predictable. I give him the greatest play of the century and he messes it up. Let him find a new lead and a new sister for all i care! I'm through with the theatre!

There was a clap of thunder and lightning and a bit of rain..

Calla: Just as soon as this storm passes! (Calla runs back into the playhouse.)

Scene 2
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