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I sat and watched it flit and soar above my head while sitting around our campfire.
The idea for this poem came to me while sitting around a huge campfire one night, toasting marshmallows. The sun had settled hours ago and all the nightly creatures were on the prowl. The bats had emerged from their slumber and were engorging themselves on fireflies.

The Stupid Bat
E. C. Wesch

The glowing tee-pee six foot high,
Stretched boldly up to reach the sky.
Its flickering fingers, tickled the breeze,
Like fireflies dancing amid the trees.

With sonar aimed at fireflies,
A swooping bat got a big surprise.
Its screech I heard, looked up to see,
A startled bat flying over me.

What it mistook as a firefly,,
Were glowing embers lighting up the sky.
I tried so hard, not to laugh at it,
But that stupid bat never quit.

He dove again and now I fear,
That its sensitive tongue it did sear.
To cool its tongue he took a trip,
To our glistening pond and took a sip.

The bonfire now is getting low,
I'm hoping soon that it will go.
I pray it finds a more suitable treat,
And hope it's something...it can eat.
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