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Recollections vs. reflections on reincarnation
I often spent time alone during those long days in Europe although always under the watchful eye of my British sitter, Irene. Remaining close to my parent's apartment in Paris,France became increasingly difficult as my familiarity with the neighborhood and those within it increased. I was a gifted child with a high literate nature who was vastly capable of interpreting language and advanced vocabulary and as adept at speaking in such a way to those who spoke to him. This fact,it seems, was as much a mystery as it was the result of what might have been interpreted as the result of very intelligent and conversive parents.
That particular trait lies as the basis of the mystery of my recollection in the spring of 1960. As I rode my tri-cycle and enjoyed my day in the sunlight and fresh air I recall the first experience where what I called a "super-intellect" made the fact that my literate abilities at language were not completely the result of being genius-borne but were the results of an intellect who shared my body who had had a lifetime of experience and education before pasing away from this life as we know it.The intellect was within me, a catalog of knowledge and experience,to some degree useless to a young boy but in the same instance a perspective unachievable without time, usage of lessons learned and experience well beyond my understanding. Yet in all of this I retained my sense of self,as if the intellect which was a part of me was simply an organic part of my own cerebral abilities,mysteriously respectful of its place within the complexities of a young boy's unfolding development. How confusing to a young boy to know that such things are possible, to reason that they exist in the real world and not in fiction novels and Sci-Fi magazines through the experienced mind of the "tenant" intellect as it calmed and explained the phenomena through the mind of this developing youth. The funny thing is it never seemed that strange or unacceptable....it just WAS.
What happens next is interesting but unexpected,apparently the tenant has a lease which expires at the end of term !
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