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by Adnan
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Two gladiators battle it out in the arena.
“The Battle for Freedom”

The sightless eyes of the Coliseum looked down mockingly at the two gladiators. Maximus suddenly sprang forward, trying to knock down his weak opponent. Maximus, the Hercules of Rome, was a man to fear, as he was nearly invincible. Standing a little over seven feet, he looked like a god to his opponents, and struck terror into the hearts of many. He was built like a bull with rippling muscles and had a fearless look on his face. The murderous Maximus was known for mercilessly mutilating his enemies.
The challenger, Noro, who was as quick and agile as a cheetah, evaded his attack. He was a poor African slave who dreamed of freedom and defeating Maximus was his only chance. He was short and stocky and his main strength was his agility. Shouting curses of vengeance for the death of his entire family, Noro leapt towards Maximus, flinging his net.
Equally furious, Maximus charged ahead and ripped the net. The crowd went wild and screamed for a bloodbath. Noro lunged forward with his sword only to be blocked by his adversary’s shield. Momentarily stunned, Noro was caught off-guard as Maximus’s shield came crashing down on his head, sending him reeling to the ground. There was utter silence and then the crowd erupted into frenzy. Noro lay as still as a corpse. Maximus threw down his weapons and raised his hands in victory.
Silently and stealthily as a stalking cheetah, Noro flew into the air, grabbing the behemoth’s trident and aimed for the kill. A totally stupefied Maximus half-turned, only to see his own trident pierce his breast, instantly killing him. The black-hearted giant fell to the ground with a thud. The cheering chanting crowd cried foul when they saw their mighty hero fall to mere slave. No victory could be this sweet for Noro as he finally achieved freedom.
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