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Prose about a summer Princess.
A summer Princess feeds the ducks on the pond
and rides her horse through the woods.
Sometimes, she rides a unicorn but is careful to
keep him out of danger.
She loves her Prince as she rides on her
unicorn to meet him.
They passionately kiss in the forest
and share a dinner made for two.
The summer Princess looks at the beautiful
colors of the trees and flowers.
The Prince picks her a dozen pink roses
and tells her that he can't wait to marry her.
Our Princess kisses her Prince
good-bye as she leaves to check
on her dragon friends and visit her mermaid friends.
Little does the Prince knows that his Princess also
a Celtic Princess and leads her troops into battle.
She promises that she will be a Princess
to her Prince only as soon as they are married.
She won't lead a double life.
In the winter, she doesn't leave the castle much.
Finally, her Wedding arrives. The Princess wears her white
velvet dress and marries her Prince.
They ride away out of sight on her unicorn
and return later to the castle to express their love.
It is a long, cold winter but the Prince and Princess
face the summer and live out their dreams.
Someday, they will rule the kingdom and the land.
The Prince thinks his Princess is the most beautiful in summer.
He loves her dearly as she loves him.
She is always a summer Princess and the winter chill
can't take away the smile and the sunshine of
the Princess that melts the snow.
The Prince and Princess will be in love forever and to them, the season is always summer.

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